Barcelona Pass: a practical and budget-friendly way to organise your stay

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Want to save time and money whilst visiting Barcelona? Of course you do! Take a look at the variety of City Pass options on offer to find the best deal for you.

Barcelona Pass Sagrada Familia

If you can’t stand waiting and the sight of a queue is enough to make you run a mile, you’re not alone! Every minute is precious when you’re on holiday, and time-saving tips are particularly helpful. For that reason, we strongly recommend booking tickets in advance online, or getting your hands on a Barcelona Pass.

This increasingly widespread option gets you fast-track access to a whole host of tourist attractions. Better still, it can even save you money – what more could you want?

The different Barcelona Passes

City Pass: the most inclusive one

We’ve devoted a whole article to the City Pass, a very practical option. In brief, the pass includes fast-track access to Sagrada Familia + fast-track access to Parc Güell + a one- or two-day ticket for the tour bus + a ticket for Aerobus, the fastest and easiest way of getting from the airport to the city centre. You’ll also get money off a range of other activities.

  • This pass is best if you’re planning on visiting all or most of the sites included and on making the most of the reductions on offer in order to really get your money’s worth. Otherwise, take a look at the other options to see if something else might be better suited to your needs.

The 6 other Barcelona Passes

Each of the 6 options below includes a tour bus ticket and a ticket to a tourist attraction:

1- Sagrada Familia + tour bus
2- Parc Güell + tour bus
3- Casa Batlló + tour bus
4- Picasso Museum + tour bus
5- Casa Milà + tour bus
6- Camp Nou + tour bus

Advantages of the Barcelona Passes

  • Save time: the tickets on offer all give fast-track access, so you won’t need to queue to get into your chosen attraction!
  • Save money: by buying online, you save between €2.50 and €5.50 compared to walk-up prices.
  • They’re practical: tickets are delivered by email. Simply present them at the entrance and enjoy your visit!

Barcelona Passes: hints

  • The Barcelona Passes offer reduced prices compared to full-price tickets. For concessions (children or over-65s), you’re better off buying tickets online, but separately.
  • The tour bus ticket is valid for one calendar day, so it’s best to start using it early in the morning in order to get the most out of it. It’s valid all year round, so you don’t need to choose a date in advance.
  •  In most cases, you’ll need to choose a time slot for visiting your tourist attraction. As the process is more complex, your ticket may take longer to arrive than the tour bus element – and this also depends on the attraction in question. Don’t worry if the email doesn’t appear in your inbox immediately!

Barcelona Pass: the different options

 Sagrada Familia + tour bus (or “Hop on – Hop off bus”)

This pass gets you access to the inside of Sagrada Familia, the most spectacular part of the basilica. You’ll need to select a date and time for your visit when booking.
Note:  Given that tickets are sent out according to availability at Sagrada Familia, don’t worry if they take a while to arrive!

Parc Güell + tour bus

This pass gets you into the monuments area of Barcelona’s most impressive park, where you can see the famous mosaic salamander and take in the views across the city from the curved benches.
Note: You’ll need to specify a date and time for your visit. As above, don’t worry if you have to wait a while for your tickets to arrive!

Picasso Museum + tour bus

The Picasso Museum is one of the most-visited sites in Catalonia, so it’s well worth getting your hands on a fast-track ticket! The pass gets you access to the museum’s collection of over 3000 works by the artist.
Note: Tickets are sent out by the Picasso Museum, so it can take a little while, and they may well arrive after your tour bus pass.

Casa Batlló + tour bus

This pass gets you access to one of Gaudí’s most impressive houses, a UNESCO world heritage site. The ticket is valid year-round, so you can use it when you like!

Casa Milà + tour bus

Casa Milà (AKA La Pedrera) is another of Gaudí’s most virtuosic works. Use your pass to discover the incredible architecture and the truly remarkable terrace.
Note: Once again, the site pass tends to take longer to arrive than the tour bus ticket. Patience is a virtue!

Camp Nou + tour bus

Take a trip to the legendary stadium and discover the entertaining and instructive museum with this pass.
Note: You’ll need to specify a date and time when booking. The email with your tickets may take a while to arrive – do we see a theme developing here?

Take advantage of the practical and time-saving options on offer for a truly incredible stay in Barcelona!

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