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Your mission should you choose to accept it: crawl the cheap tapas bars of Barcelona for an entire week. On your marks, get set...go!

cheap tapas

Are you familiar with the concept of a tapas crawl? It involves going from bar to bar in the same evening trying different tapas in different settings ad it’s a nice way to break with routine and discover new places.

We have therefore put together just for you a sort of giant tapas crawl route spread out over a week. The idea is to discover a new place every evening, and have a delicious meal without breaking the bank!

3, 2, 1… go!

Monday: A variety of sandwiches at 100 montaditos

100 montaditos tapas

  • Start the week with a top tip at Cervecería 100 montaditos. This chain of little restaurants specialising in mini sandwiches has a special deal on Mondays: 1 montadito and 1 beer for just 2 euros. Bargain! (Note this deal is also available on Tuesdays).
  • The other great thing is there are lots of 100 montaditos in Barcelona, so you’re sure to find one near you!
  • Another good deal: on Wednesdays and Sundays the whole menu is just 1 euro. So you can certainly change around your tapas plans to fit in these deals!

More info in our article: Cervecería 100 montaditos 100% cheap sandwiches and beer.

Tuesday: Tapas buffet at Sor Rita

sor rita tapas Barcelona

On Tuesday head to Sor Rita to enjoy a beer, a glass of wine or a vermouth accompanied by a little tapas buffet for just 6 euros. Unbeatable!

And for this small sum you will also be treated to an original and extravagant sort of decor that you won’t forget in a hurry…

  • Warning: as mentioned in our article on Sor Rita, this top tip is only available on Tuesdays from 8:30pm. The rest of the week the bar doesn’t serve tapas.

Wednesday: Tapas madness in Sant Antoni

duende tapantoni tapas

On Wednesday it’s the Sant Antoni neighbourhood that will be your host for the tapas crawl known widely as Tapantoni (contraction of tapas and Sant Antoni). Each year in November more than 35 bars participate by preparing a special tapa served all evening for 2 or 3 euros, drink included.

You can get an idea of the tapas on offer in each participating bar by checking the site You can also get an idea from our article on Tapas madness in the Sant Antoni district.

If you’re in Barcelona for another time of year, never fear! The list of tapas bars participating in the event gives you heaps of ideas for places to visit on your own totally affordable tapas crawl.

[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”,+Barcelona,+Spain&hl=en&sll=41.380898,2.180915&sspn=0.008839,0.01929&oq=sant+anto,+Barcelona,+Spain&hnear=Sant+Antoni,+Barcelona,+Catalunya,+Spain&t=m&z=14 “]

Thursday: Authentic atmosphere at Poble Sec

tapas poble sec

Our article A tour of cheap tapas bars in Poble Sec will help you prepare your evening of delicious treats. A chore, we know! 😉

We really like Gran Bodega Saltó and its bohemian atmosphere, or also the bar Blai 9, which as the name suggests, is located at 9 Blai street. It’s also where the above photo was taken.

We also recommend l’atelier de Blai, for tasting original and fresh pinchos.

Friday: some famous tapas bars

prawns cerveceria catalana tapas

On Friday head towards the Rambla Catalunya to taste a whole heap of tapas, all made from produce of the highest quality.

What’s really great is that in the well known tapas bars that we talk about in this article, the menu is very varied and there is something for everyone: mixed salads, seafood, vegetarian tapas…

  • The problem? Faced with such temptation you run the risk of ordering a lot of things and the bill can quickly add up. So be careful not to get carried away!
  • Also try to arrive early as everyone in Barcelona knows these places and seems to want to spend the evening there…

Saturday: Tapas and cava at la Xampanyeria

sandwich xampanyeria tapas

Another place where the prices are really low, particularly for Cava! At just 1 euro per glass there’s plenty left over for tapas, and on the menu here there is charcuterie, cheese and sandwiches. Simple, but reliable!

  • A warning however: la Xampanyeria (Can Paixano) is a very unusual place and not for everyone. For one thing it’s not possible to sit down.

But it’s a very special place in its own way as you will understand if you take a glance at our article La Xampanyeria: cheap cava and tapas in an authentic atmosphere.

Sunday: An assortment of pinchos at Euskal Etxea

Euskeal Etxea tapas

In the heart of the Born, the tapas bar Euskal Etxea offers a huge variety of tapas that changes depending on the desires of the chefs and the produce on the market.

But one thing is sure: you can always find staples of Spanish cooking: Ibérico ham, tortilla, stuffed peppers, anchovies…Each tapa costs around 2 euros.

Bear in mind too that, like in many tapas bars, you will not be seated. The few tables in the place are for customers who have reserved them. You can eat your tapas at the bar or leaning on a wine barrel. A typically Catalan experience!

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