Another way to visit Camp Nou: take a guided tour with an expert!


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Discover the legendary FC Barcelona stadium! Take a guided tour of the Camp Nou with a Barça expert! Follow your guide!

Camp Nou Olivier

Camp Nou stadium


Mondays 4pm
Wednesdays 10am
Saturdays 100am

How much?

29€ (full price)
18€ (reduced fee)
10€: from 0 to 5


For everything you want to know about Camp Nou

Camp Nou is famous the world over, so it’s not surprising that its museum is the most popular in Catalonia. But Camp Nou is more than just a stadium, as your guide – a regular there- will show you on his exclusive tour!

Your guides: passionate sports journalists

Living in Barcelona for the past 11 years, Olivier is a huge Barça fan, following them since 1992. He has even dedicated a blog to them!

A loyal socio (follower in Spanish) of FC Barcelona, he is also a sports journalist. Olivier therefore heads every week to Camp Nou to attend matches or conferences. In total he has seen more than 130 matches, so it’s safe to say the stadium is like his second home!

Antonio: Italian sports journalist for So Foot, Antonio has been following the adventures of FC Barcelona since 2011. He does the visits in his native language as well as in French, Spanish and English.

The route of the tour of Camp Nou in English

The Camp Nou tour starts outside where the guide will give you a brief presentation of the different parts of Camp Nou.

Once inside you can take a tour through the FC Barcelona museum where your guide will give you heaps of information on this mythical club.

  • Do you know which historical figure played a role in choosing the name of Camp Nou?
  • Do you know the origin of “More than a Club”, the motto of Barça?
  • Do you know what the FC Barcelona represents in the P.I.B of the city?

No? So, this visit is for you because you will have the answers to these questions and many others!

camp nou visit museum hall corridor

You can (re)live Barça’s best moments and see, for example, the innumerable homages to Lionel Messi. Don’t hesitate to ask the guide to select the videos of the best goals to show you on the screen!

barça t-shirt 10

You can then explore the stadium with him: you will get a tour of the terraces, the press room, and the dressing rooms, all much improved by the guide’s exclusive anecdotes.

Good to know

  • Once the tour is over you can stay as long as you like in the museum.
  • Guided tours of Camp Nou with Olivier or Antonio last about 2 hours.

Camp Nou visit in open group (max 12 people)

Price of the visit

  • Regular price: €29 for over 14s.
  • Reduced fee: €10 children from 0 to 5, 18 for children from 6 to 13 and over 70s.


  • Mondays at 4pm and Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10am

Be sure to be punctual in respect for your guide and other people who will accompany you during this visit.

  • ATTENTION: the ticket to the Camp Nou Museum is not included, you will have to buy it in advance. In order to get the tickets, you can follow the instructions below.
  • On December 1st and 2nd 2018, there will be no guided tour.

How to buy a fast-track ticket to the Camp Nou Museum:

  • There are different platforms of purchase on the internet but not all of them deliver the fast-track tickets and therefore, the buyer has to get his ticket at the counter.

  • The one that we recommend here, delivers you a real fast-track ticket. In order to avoid wasting time queuing, we advice you to buy your ticket to the museum and Camp Nou in advance on the internet and via this link.

  • Very important: Print your ticket so you the rest of the group doesn’t have to wait for you and you can make the most of your visit time.

Camp Nou museum ticket prices:

  • Full price: 26 euros
  • Reduced price: 20 euros (students, children from 6 to 13 years old and over 70 years old)
  • Free for children 6 and under.

Why take this tour of Camp Nou?

  • The tour is very well put together: your guide knows Camp Nou like the back of his hand, so you will miss nothing under his guidance!
  • You can benefit from the knowledge of a real expert: Olivier and Antonio are unbeatable and they take the time to answer all your questions. They’re also a very nice guy and knows how to adapt the tour to anyone from dedicated fans to newcomers!
  • The times are strategically chosen for when the place is at its least busy, which makes it easier to stroll around and take photos in peace.
  • If you have a football fan among your nearest and dearest then this guided tour makes an excellent gift.

Camp Nou visit in closed group (max 10 people)

The private tour of Camp Nou will only be for your small group. This exclusive format will allow you to fully enjoy the explanations of your guide, in a more relaxed atmosphere. Olivier proposes 2 possible formulas:

1 hour private tour: the best of Camp Nou

This tour is ideal for people who spend only one or two days in Barcelona or for groups on a tight budget.

Entrances to Camp Nou are not included in the price of the visit


  • €115 for 1h and for the whole group (from 1 to 10)
  • Camp Nou tickets are not included in the price of the visit


  • According to your convenience, you be able to choose the day and the time of your private visit.

1h30 (or 2h) private tour: the secrets of the F.C. Barcelona

This visit is for all audiences. Olivier found that it was particularly appreciated by single women accompanied by their children.


  • €155 for 1h30 and for the whole group (from 1 to 10)
  • €195 for 2h and for the whole group (from 1 to 10)
  • Camp Nou tickets are not included in the price of the visit


  • According to your convenience, you be able to choose the day and the time of your private visit.

The guides adapt easily to bigger groups or tours for business. It’s a great team building experience for fans!

So are you ready to become a Barça expert?

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