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La Granja Armengol: typical dairy products in Barcelona


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Dairy fans, this one's for you! Granja Armengol stores are like little pockets of countryside, scattered across Barcelona.

granja armengol custards

see addresses in article


Monday-Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

How much?

between 0.40 and 1 euro


for its top quality products

Just for a moment, let’s forget supermarkets, industrial food products and bad food, and take a trip to a location dedicated to healthy, artisan dairy products at Granja Armengol. The family business has shops all over Barcelona, and plenty of fans amongst local residents.

The origins of the Granja Armengol

Over 60 years ago, the owners of the Granja Armengol supplied milk and cream from their cows to bakers in Vic, a town some 75km outside Barcelona. Over the years, this small-scale dairy business grew into a flourishing mini-empire with around 20 shops across Catalonia, 5 of which are in Barcelona itself.

The Granja Armengol: key values

The success of the Granja Armengol is built on three key values.

  1. The work of the artisans involved in creating the products
  2. The quality of the raw ingredients
  3. The absence of middlemen in the retail chain.

A range of 100% artisan products

Granja Armengol stores are fairly easy to spot, due to the presence of a large cow by the entrance.

Dairy products

Each shop carries a seriously impressive selection of dairy products.

Fresh, pasteurised milk with or without lactose, cream, plain or greek yogurts, fruit yogurts, fat-free yogurts or live yogurts, yogurts made with goats’ milk or sheep’s milk, egg custards, vanilla, coconut or coffee flans, kefir, Catalan creme caramel, fromage frais, sheep’s cheese, goats’ cheese, normal cheese… the list is seemingly endless!

We haven’t tried everything, but the only thing stopping us is time! Our personal favourite (for now) is the sheep’s milk yogurt, with an unusual, slightly acidic taste.

  • All of the products sold in glass containers are particularly tasty, if slightly more expensive. Don’t hesitate! Next time, remember to bring your pots back for recycling.
  • Don’t miss the pots of fromage frais and the slices of mató, a slightly grainy Catalin cheese which is eaten with honey as mel i mató.
  • Another must is the recuit de drap, or the version sold in glass pots. This typical dairy product, served with honey or dried fruit, is absolutely delicious!

Other products

granja armengol shelves

The Granja Armengol also sells chocolate, honey of all kinds and fresh eggs. Employees, with their crisp white aprons, carefully check every product for damage before you buy. Every box of eggs, for example, is checked and any cracked ones will be replaced immediately.

Shops in Barcelona

There are 5 branches of Granja Armengol in Barcelona, along with a market stall.

  • Mercat de les Corts, Travessera de les Corts, 215; Quarter and métro: Les Corts
  • Carrer de Craywinckel, 18; Quarter: Sant Gervasi; métro: Av Tibidabo
  • Carrer Provença, 493; Quarter: Sagrada Família, métro: Sagrada Família
  • Carrer Córsega, 205; Quarter: Eixample Esquerra, métro Hospital Clínic
  • Carrer Puigmarti, 40; Quarter: Gràcia, métro Joanic
  • Girona, 114, Quarter: Eixample Dret, métro: Verdaguer

There is also a Granja Armengol on the outskirts of Barcelona at Sant Cugat.

  • Rambla del Celler, 7 Sant Cugat del Vallès

Opening times

Armengol stores are generally open Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 3pm and 5pm – 8.30pm, and on Saturday mornings from 9.30am – 3pm (except during August). The shop on Girona is open all day from Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 8.30pm.

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