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Pudding Diagonal or the Harry Potter café in Barcelona

cafe harry potter entrance

You will not find Pudding on a cosy little side street, but right on one of Barcelona’s biggest avenues. This café, inspired by the world of Harry Potter, is a little like the Leaky Cauldron. You know, the famous bar that marks the transition from the world of the Muggles to the world of the wizards? Well, you simply have to step inside to feel like you are entering the heart of the world of the bespectacled young wizard!

The magic of Harry on a full stomach

harry potter cafe quiches

The American brunch staples are all here, as well as a range of salads, sandwiches and quiches of the day. Not to mention the huge colorful cakes, that are simply to good to pass up!

cafe harry potter cake

The café even offers a very varied selection of teas and hot drinks all served in a pretty English cup and saucer to go with the theme.

drawing cup of tea

The prices are affordable: you can treat yourself to lunch for around €10 and a very generous slice of cake costs around €4.

menu harry potter

Our favorite was the cherry tomato quiche with a delicious salad at lunchtime.

And a little later in the afternoon, why not try their fabulously chocolatey fondant brownie with a coffee?

  • Warning! We don’t recommend going to Pudding Diagonal on Saturdays and Sundays between 5pm and 8pm, you may have to queue to get in at that time.

Pudding: a new generation of cafés

Like the We Pudding inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the aim of the Harry Potter Pudding Diagonal is to create a space that combines the three pleasures of eating, playing and thinking!

The café is laid out over three carefully decorated floors. There are board games that are free to use and a number of couches in which to relax. They even suggest some wizardy activities!

It’s the perfect place for all ages and interests: whether you want a quiet place to read, to drink a coffee with friends or play a game with the kids the magic works on all levels to satisfy even the most demanding Muggles.

we pudding harry potter

owl drawing


Travel to the heart of the Harry Potter universe

café harry potter magic wands

Here every corner is bursting with details to appeal to even the most die-hard fans: the sorting hat and the Whomping willow welcome you at the entrance. At the side you will find a wall full of multi-colored magic wands worthy of Ollivander’s shop. Climb the few steps to the first floor and you will feel like you are in the common room at Gryffindor.

On the floor above, pictures of the four houses of the castle hang from the walls. All around, boards similar to those in the corridors at Hogwarts, are hanging. In a corner there is a bookcase containing, among other books, all the volumes of the Harry Potter series as well as a number of board games. And the attention to detail is so great, they have even included a bed under the stairs!

Don’t wait too long to visit. You and your family will no doubt fall under its magical spell!

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