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Verne Restaurant: enjoy tapas 20000 leagues under the sea

Verne jellyfish

At Barcelona Top Travel Tips, we’re always on the look out for places which are out of the ordinary and which stimulate the imagination. We (heart) quirky! For restaurants, if the food on offer is as unusual as the surroundings, so much the better! It’s no surprise, then, that we love the Verne.

Verne: a quirky setting

This unusual restaurant draws its inspiration from the works of Jules Verne.

verne jellyfish and octopus first room

Welcome to the world of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Featuring giant squid, jellyfish and a décor inspired by the interior of the Nautilus submarine, the whole restaurant is designed to reflect Verne’s dreamlike atmosphere.

Verne submarine

Verne: a mouthwatering menu

Obviously, what’s on your plate is just as important as the surroundings – and Verne doesn’t disappoint! The tapas are presented in a fun and original way, and they’re tasty, too.

Verne picnic liver paté and jams

Try the liver paté, served with a trio of sweet homemade sauces in a pretty picnic basket, fabulous patatas bravas in a recycled egg box, or the delicious mango ceviche, served in a gigantic porcelain shell.

The clams with curry and coconut (almejas a la sartén con coco y curry), presented in a more “conventional” manner, are particularly good!

  • The menu features platillos (substantial servings of tapas) and a few main dishes (algo más fuerte on the menu). Generally speaking, we preferred the more original platillos. The prices don’t go above 10 euros.

We’ve been a few times, and the desserts on offer have always been good, but the choice is fairly limited.

The generous and original cheesecake (photo below), the crème catalan mousse and the caramelized torrija (a more sophisticated take on bread and butter pudding) are all absolutely delicious, and you’ll be in for a treat whichever you pick! Allow around 5 euros per person.


verne cheesecake

Verne also offers set lunch menus, from 8 – 20 euros, and two fixed-price options in the evening, priced at 25 and 40 euros.

Cherry on the cake: the waiting staff at Verne are very friendly, and will do everything in their power to make sure you have a great time onboard their very own Nautilus!


  • Tuesday-Wednesday: 8pm-1am
  • Thursday: 8pm-2am
  • Friday-Saturday: 8pm-3am

Verne: the cocktail bar, the Soda Bus

Verne shots

Part of the establishment houses a rather unusual cocktail bar, the Soda Bus. Treat yourself to one of the huge variety of choices on offer at Verne, either before or after your meal.

The most basic options cost around €8, with more elaborate choices for around €12.

Alternatively, you could choose to toast Captain Nemo with a shot (or chupito) – a short, but sweet, option!

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