Our philosophy

We live in Barcelona, and we visit all of the places we recommend. 

  • These are either places we’ve found ourselves, or places friends have told us about, which we then visit before passing the details on to you.

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We only recommend places we like!

  • We spend our time visiting new places, seeing shows, eating out, and testing hotels and bars, so we know exactly what makes for a good experience. After testing, we decide whether we think the place or experience in question deserves a mention on our website.

We always look on the bright side of life…

  • We prefer not to talk about bad experiences, since anyone can make mistakes, and most things can be improved. We’re not interested in sharing negative reviews, but we take great pleasure in sharing our positive experiences.

We’re demanding and selective.

  • We’re always on the look-out for authentic experiences. We won’t recommend anything less than the best – your trust is something we value above all! We’ve even removed articles from the website if the place or experience in question proved to be disappointing on a return visit.

We spend a lot of time finding, comparing, checking and updating information.

  • We aim to provide as much useful information and reliable advice as possible to help you optimise your trip to Barcelona. A lot of time and effort is spent making sure our articles are up to date.

We want to make your life easier during your time in Barcelona.

  • Our work here is never finished – there’s always room for improvement somewhere! We want to present our tips in the clearest, most succinct and ergonomic way possible, and for this reason, we now have our own iPhone and Android apps.


We rely on your comments and suggestions to improve our site.

  • Help us to refine our searches and update our content! The quality of the services we recommend may go down over time, and practical details can change. We really do rely on our readers to keep us informed via our contact form.

Thank you for supporting Top Tips!

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