Barcelona Top Travel Tips

Prepare your trip

activities in Barcelona: our top tips

Activities in Barcelona: our best tips for discovering the city

Looking for things to do and see during your stay in Barcelona? Follow our plan to make the most of the Catalan capital! ...

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map barcelona quarter

Which quarter of Barcelona is just made for you?

When looking for somewhere to stay in Barcelona, it's a good idea to focus on the areas which correspond most to your tastes. This short...

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Pushchair rental in Barcelona: a great option for travelling light

Visiting Barcelona with a baby or toddler? This highly practical pushchair rental service will help you to travel light!...

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work placements

Work placements in Barcelona: the Golden Rules

A work placement or internship in Barcelona can be a marvellous experience. Here are a few golden rules to follow to fit right in to...

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avoid looking like a tourist

10 tips to help you avoid looking like a tourist in Barcelona

If you would rather not look like a tourist just follow our 10 tips for adopting the Catalan style and blending into the crowd. ...

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budget Barcelona

Cost of living in Barcelona: planning your budget

Trying to plan your budget for your trip to Barcelona? It can be a prickly endeavour. Here are a few indicators to help you define...

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pack suitcase Barcelona

What to pack for your trip to Barcelona

You're coming to Barcelona but you have no idea what to pack? Never fear, we will guide you through it. To the wardrobes! ...

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Barcelona like a local

12 Tips for discovering Barcelona like a local

If you prefer to get off the tourist track and you want to enjoy Barcelona like a local, then this article is for you! ...

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interesting facts Barcelona

20 interesting Barcelona facts you did not know

Discover the weirder side of Barcelona with these 20 little-known facts you can dazzle your friends with! ...

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things to do in Barcelona Casa Amatller

Things to do in Barcelona: our top 10 essential activities

What are the best things to do in Barcelona? Here's our pick of 10 essential activities which will make you fall in love with the...

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