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carnival barcelona

Carnival in Barcelona and Sitges: traditional festive fun

This year the carnival takes place from February 28 to March 6: party, dance, music, parades, costumes and lots of fun!...

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Sant Joan fireworks

Sant Joan: parties, bonfires and Summer solstice

Sant Joan is a very popular holiday in Catalonia. Discover why it's called the night of fire, the night of witches, and even the night...

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myths about Barcelona

5 popular myths about Barcelona

There are a few popular misconceptions about Barcelona that can lead tourists astray. Never fear - the our team is here to indulge in a...

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roses Sant Jordi

The Sant Jordi festival in Barcelona, a literary, flower-filled 23rd of April

Sant Jordi is one of our favourite Catalan festivals. On this day, roses and books flood the streets of Barcelona. Follow us to find out...

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Pedrera 11 september Diada

11th of September, Catalonia’s national holiday

Catalonia's national holiday! September 11th is the day the region celebrates its values, institutions and traditions. A real concentration of local culture!...

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local signs festa major de Gràcia

44 signs that you’re a local in Barcelona

Now you're officially living in Barcelona, and no doubt madly in love with the place, do you think you're a local? Here are 44 signs...

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Castells: traditional human towers, a Catalan symbol

Castells are human towers that make up an integral part of Catalan culture. Do not miss the chance to see them during your stay! ...

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Christmas holidays

Festivals and holidays in Barcelona: everything you need to know to plan your trip

Holidays in Barcelona are a chance to get closer to Catalan culture and to enjoy huge festivals and free activities. Enjoy!...

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festes majors City Hall

Barcelona’s Festes Majors: a calendar of unmissable neighbourhood festivals

Free, popular, congenial, the Festes Majors are a way to have a great time while learning about Catalan culture! ...

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la Mercè

La Mercè: a gigantic and unmissable festival in Barcelona

Do not miss the festival of la Mercè, an incredible festive tradition lasting several days and transforming Barcelona into one enormous festival hall! ...

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