Barcelona Top Travel Tips

Art and architecture

agbar tower

The Agbar Tower (or Glòries Tower): a skyscraper that has become emblematic in Barcelona

Since 2005, the astonishing silhouette of the Agbar Tower has stood out in the urban landscape of Barcelona. Designed by the famous French architect Jean...

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interior of Sagrada Familia

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia at your fingertips!

Spotlight on Sagrada Familia, Spain's most-visited church! Learn all about its history and discover architectural elements including the stained glass windows, façades, tower and museum......

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Mapfre Foundation entrance

Mapfre Foundation in Barcelona: superb exhibitions at a great price

The Fundación Mapfre offers exciting exhibitions of great quality at very low prices, making it a great place for art lovers of all types!...

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activities in Barcelona: our top tips

Activities in Barcelona: our best tips for discovering the city

Looking for things to do and see during your stay in Barcelona? Follow our plan to make the most of the Catalan capital! ...

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Modernism Festival Barcelona

Eixample Modernism Festival: a long weekend with Gaudí

Calling all vintage fans: the Eixample Dret quarter will play host to its annual Modernism Festival on the first weekend in June 2019, with activities...

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Loop video festival

The Loop: video art festival in Barcelona

The Loop Festival, running from 11th to 21st November 2019, puts the focus on video art. Let yourself be swept away by some innovative visual...

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the Sagrada Familia

Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia: its past and future

Discover the Sagrada Familia and its history as well as the alluring future finished state of this masterpiece. Prepare to be surprised! ...

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interesting facts Barcelona

20 interesting Barcelona facts you did not know

Discover the weirder side of Barcelona with these 20 little-known facts you can dazzle your friends with! ...

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contemporary architecture Montjuïc

Contemporary architecture in Barcelona: the most significant buildings

Gaudí and Catalan art nouveau gave Barcelona an international reputation. But the city's contemporary architecture is just as exciting! ...

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public art Barceloneta

Public art in Barcelona: works not to miss

The great news for art lovers is they will quickly notice that Barcelona is a veritable open air museum! ...

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