Barcelona Top Travel Tips


Tast a la Rambla Barcelona

Tast a la Rambla: June’s foodie week in Barcelona

Tast a la Rambla is an event which combines two of the most iconic elements of Barcelona: Las Ramblas, and food! A unique treat for...

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catalan cuisine

Catalan cuisine: between land and sea, tradition and innovation

Creative but loyal to its long history, Catalan cooking will surprise your tastebuds. Don't miss out during your stay in Barcelona. ...

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gastronomic Barcelona Boquería

Gastronomic Barcelona: a guided tour for your 5 senses

Want to see the foodie side of Barcelona? What better than a guided tour? It's a guaranteed hit! ...

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gastronomic weekend els sortidors del parlament

A gastronomic weekend in Barcelona: take your tastebuds on a journey!

Planning a weekend tasting what Barcelona has to offer in terms of food and drink? From tapas to wine, markets to artisan shops, you should...

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olive oil

Where to buy good Catalan olive oil in Barcelona?

Olive oil is widely produced in Catalonia and it is generally very good quality, so why not take some home as a souvenir of your...

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catalan specialties escalivada

Catalan specialties: a festival of flavours

From sweet tapas to preserved vegetables, paella and even more, indulge in Catalan specialties. ...

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vermut catalan drinks

Catalan drinks: say “cheers” Barcelona style

Whatever you're in the mood for there is a Catalan drink for you: vermouth, cava, wines, beer, orxata de xufa, granissat, suís... A drink...

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top markets Boqueria ham

Barcelona for foodies: our top 5 food markets

Places to wander, to wonder, to smell and to taste: Barcelona's fabulous markets offer a feast for the senses. Discover our five favourites here!...

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