Barcelona Top Travel Tips

February, March

exposition Van Gogh Barcelone

If you're planning a trip to Barcelona in Spring 2019, don't miss the Meet Van Gogh exhibition, created by Amsterdam's prestigeous Van Gogh museum -...

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Valentine's day barcelona

Spending Valentine's Day in Barcelona? Excellent idea! This short guide has everything you need for an unforgettable day....

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ski La Molina

Barcelona is close to the Pyrenees, making it a great starting point for a skiing trip, whether for a day or for longer. Wrap up...

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Aquarium Barcelona March

Barcelona is the perfect city to visit with children. Here is a list of nice ideas to try as a family at the end of...

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rainy day in Barcelona

It can sometimes rain mid-season in Barcelona. But don't panic! Here are 8 activities that will make you love the bad weather. ...

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february view of Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona in February or March is a great idea! Here are five of our top reasons to visit during the low season. Have you...

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