Barcelona Top Travel Tips

Short stay

activities in Barcelona: our top tips

Activities to do during your stay in Barcelona? A huge question that’s not easy to answer. There are visits and...

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Bike tours, arc de triomf

The warm, dry climate and an extensive network of cycle lanes mean that exploring Barcelona by bike is a great...

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a day in Barcelona

Our challenge: to show you that it is possible to discover the many different sides of Barcelona in one day...

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business trips airport Barcelona

Barcelona is a popular destination for business travel. Between the professional opportunities on offer and the exceptional surroundings, you may...

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Barcelona in a few hours

Barcelona is a dynamic city, strategically located between the French border and the Spanish mediterranean coastline. If you find yourself...

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escala en Barcelona

Planning to take a Mediterranean cruise? It’s a great idea! If your budget is a little tight, don’t forget to...

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