Barcelona Top Travel Tips

Erasmus, internship

Do you come to do an Erasmus or an internship in Barcelona? Here are our top tips to find accommodation in Barcelona and to prepare your stay!

shared accommodation

How and where to find shared accommodation in Barcelona

Here's our advice for finding shared accommodation in Barcelona and recreating “L’Auberge Espagnole” with your own group of international students. Are you in the mood...

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share apartment fridge

Diary of an Erasmus student in Barcelona: 10 golden rules for sharing an apartment

So you've decided to share an apartment in Barcelona? Follow our invaluable advice to make it an unforgettable experience! ...

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Erasmus university of barcelona

Erasmus in Barcelona: our advice for your university exchange

Erasmus in Barcelona is an incredible experience and we recommend it to everyone. Here is some advice to help you prepare and get started....

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student accommodation

Student accommodation in Barcelona: rent a room in a shared house or with a host family

Travelling to Barcelona for a university exchange? Step 1: find the right place to stay to get your experience off to the right start. ...

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