How and where to find shared accommodation in Barcelona


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Here's our advice for finding shared accommodation in Barcelona and recreating “L’Auberge Espagnole” with your own group of international students. Are you in the mood for a new experience?

shared accommodation

A student town par excellence, the Catalan capital welcomes around 200,000 students from all over the world every year. These international students often choose to live in shared accommodation in Barcelona as it allows them to share expenses and also to have a multicultural experience just like in Cédric Klapisch’s film L’Auberge Espagnole.

How to find shared accommodation in Barcelona? 

There is therefore a high demand for shared accommodation and the market has adapted accordingly. Unlike the anxiety induced by other metropolises like Paris or London, here in Barcelona it is very easy to find shared accommodation, even in the short term.

A wide range of platforms offer a lot of student accommodation or accommodation in people’s homes, for all budgets and all over Barcelona, for example Uniplaces, recommended in this article. Don’t hesitate to take a quick look!

There are also many sites for getting in contact with people:


And there are many agencies that specialise in shared student accommodation:


Similarly, Facebook pages are a great way to find places. They are often friendlier than classified ads:

  • “Alquiler de habitaciones / Rooms for rent BARCELONA”
  • “Compartir Piso en Barcelona” 

In which area should you look for accommodation in Barcelona?

The Born: for its galleries, boutiques and cafés, or restaurants with a preserved architectural style

Barceloneta: for the sea air and its holiday atmosphere

L’Eixample: for cycle lanes from Passeig Sant Joan, and a familiar local atmosphere.

Gràcia: for charming streets and a village atmosphere.

Sant Gervasi: for an incredible view of the city (and hills for when you want to work those thighs!)

Poble sec: for its authentic side and proximity to Montjuïc

If you’re still not sure, take a look at our article on: Which quarter of Barcelona is just made for you?

A shared apartment, yes, but not at any price! 

It’s best to be aware of the market as some landlords take advantage of people who aren’t in the know, such as foreign students. You should expect to pay between 200 and 400 euros for a room, depending on the accommodation and services.

The most expensive areas are the Born (Ribera, Sant Pere) and the seafront. You will find variable prices in the Gòtic, Gràcia and Barceloneta areas. In Eixample and Poble Sec, you can sometimes get a good deal.

What are the administrative terms for an apartment share? 

Generally you can move in quite quickly. Landlords don’t ask for a guarantee, just a deposit of one month’s rent paid when you move in.

One tip for paying your rent: get a local bank account to avoid fees for international payments. Some banks will allow you to open one for free with a minimum first deposit.

Happy home hunting!

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