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Barceloneta, Vila Olímpica, Poblenou: the seafront areas


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Barceloneta, the Vila Olímpica and Poblenou are the three neighbourhoods on the Barcelona seafront, but apart from the beach they don't have too much in common!

Barceloneta hotel W

Whether you’re a designer or you love to party, or you are simply looking for an authentic experience, there is something for you on the Barcelona seafront.

  • Be careful! The beach is a great place for pickpockets so be careful not to bring any valuables. Perhaps no need to be too paranoid, but it’s best to read our anti-pickpocket tips in Barcelona.

Barceloneta: authentic atmosphere on the seafront

barceloneta plate fish

Barceloneta is a very lively area. From early in the morning, the fishermen start selling the day’s fish and seafood, and then the sound of conversation rebounds: the little restaurants and tapas bars are often full to bursting and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and the sleepy Barceloneta that surrounds the market square in the afternoon suddenly wakes up in the evening.

The seafront is bordered by pleasant terraces where it is very easy to lose track of time… it is often difficult to peel yourself away, especially in Summer when the beach bars are set up right on the sand.

Barceloneta in a few words…

Authentic, historical, lively

  • To do: stuff yourself with fish and seafood, stroll through the streets and relax on the beach.
  • Nearest park: Parc de la Barceloneta


Vila Olímpica: beaches and festive atmosphere

barceloneta olympic port

Luxury hotels, bars and restaurants by the sea, clubs, lively beaches, beautiful boats moored nearby…Vila Olímpica is a dream for party animals who like the sun. The buildings are modern as they were all renovated in 1992 for the Olympic Games.

Vila Olímpica in a few words…

Festive, lively, noisy and touristic

  • To do: sunbathe, dance all night
  • Nearest park: Parc de la Barceloneta


Poblenou: bastion of the avant-garde

barceloneta poblenou

Poblenou is an old industrial area in the middle of a transformation. It is home to numerous design, fashion and architecture schools, which makes it a great area for the young and trendy.

With the opening of the design museum at the end of 2014 and the transformation of the Agbar tower into a luxury hotel, the area as hardly stopped changing! Poblenou is part of a huge renovation project undertaken by the city of Barcelona, which has invested over 180 million euro in its transformation.

In the meantime, its major plus points are proximity to the beach and the presence of Razzmatazz, a unique club offering live music, excellent DJs and incredible nights outw.

Poblenou in a few words…

Creative, not central, avant-garde, quiet

  • To do: study the style, walk through the pretty Poblenou ramblas
  • Nearest park: Parc del centre del Poblenou (created by architect Jean Nouvel)


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