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After visiting all four corners of the world – living in France, Turkey, Panama and Chile – one fine day, my family and I finally settled in Catalonia.

BAR-CEL-ONA: BAR, SKY and WAVE in Catalan. The stuff dreams are made of! Even the city’s name is encouraging you to come and visit…

I’ve lived in Barcelona for over fifteen years now, and if I had a euro for every time someone’s told me just how lucky I am, I’d be very, very rich!

Yes, I know how lucky I am, and I love Barcelona. It’s packed with magical places and stunning architecture, enjoys a mediterranean climate and boasts wonderful beaches, alongside a whole host of fabulous bars and restaurants which are worth a trip in their own right.

One day, just like that, I had the idea of founding and developing this website to share some of my favourite finds, helping others to fall under Barcelona’s magical charm. Just dive right in – no need to hold back!

  • Valérie


    Valérie, the creator of Barcelona Top Travel Tips, loves discovering new places, finding the words to describe them, and coming up with little illustrations for the website. Her favourite thing in Barcelona is the unusual, curvy architectural features of some of the city’s buildings. Some say she’s a dreamer… in any case, a city full of works by Gaudí is a great place for her!

From time to time, new faces appear.

Potential team members have to show initiative, curiosity and plenty of enthusiasm! As you’ll see, all of our articles are written from a positive point of view. We don’t want to talk about bad experiences and things we’re not passionate about. Life’s too short for that!

Thanks to…

Pauline, Olivia, Laureen, Marion, François, Rémi, Julian, Luc, Lucille, Marianne, Iris, Léa, Margaux, Mathilde and Laura for sharing some of their favourite finds with us.

Not forgetting…

Goretti, our friendly and helpful graphic designer.

Maite, our talented multilingual coordinator, who organised the translation of Les Bons Plans de Barcelona into English (Barcelona Top Travel Tips), Spanish (Bueno Bonito Barcelona) and Italian (Piccole dritte per Barcellona).

Benjamin, always happy to solve our IT problems. Without him, we’d also struggle to answer some of the more specific questions we get asked about Barça. Visca Barça! Visca Benjamin!

Joel, who makes our lives that much easier with his hints and tips to optimise the site and save us valuable time – all whilst making us laugh!

Enrique, our unflappable Mr. Fix-It for all things technical.

Our tireless team of translators: Catherine and Beibhinn for the English version, Consol, Anna, Elena and Maite for the Spanish version, and Stefania and Alessandra  for the Italian version. They’ve worked their socks off to make our hints and tips available to an international audience, and in record time!

Jean-Paul for expert advice and infectious enthusiasm, and for his devotion in testing desserts and other sweet snacks for us. Hurray for teamwork!

Merci a lot and grazie mille a todos! 😉