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Student accommodation in Barcelona: rent a room in a shared house or with a host family

student accommodation

When you’re a student, budgetary considerations are rarely far from the front of your mind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find somewhere nice to stay! Here are our top tips for optimising your hunt for a place to stay in Barcelona.

Student accommodation in Barcelona: useful information

Barcelona is a more affordable place to study than London, Paris or Geneva, but rent still isn’t cheap. If you’re on a tight budget, the best option is to find a place to share, either with a host or with flatmates – both of which are very common in Barcelona.


Monthly rents are generally from 300-400 euros depending on the size of the room, the building and its location. Under 300 euros, you may be offered a room without a window.

Finding somewhere to stay in Barcelona: our advice

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Avoid tourist areas

There’s a lot of tourist accommodation on offer in Barcelona, but not all of it is legal! The city council has brought in drastic measures to attempt to bring an end to illicit rental offers.

Many sites have been sanctioned, and those who used them to reserve a place to stay have found themselves out in the cold: not a good idea! Prices for this type of accommodation are often a lot higher than for long-stay options.

Watch out for internet scams

Given the high demand for rentals in Barcelona, scams are frequent. Follow our tips to avoid falling into unpleasant traps:

  • Check the reliability of the website you’re using, for example by reading reviews left by other users.
  • Read the conditions for cancellation carefully.
  • If you’re paying online, make sure the site is secure.
  • If you’re renting a room advertised by a private individual, always visit the accommodation on offer before handing over any money.

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A site offering student rentals in Barcelona


is a platform which offers accommodation for students in some of Europe’s biggest cities, including Berlin, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

The site lists over 2000 options, including house-shares, rooms with a host family, university residences or even whole buildings. Every offer includes photos, a description, rental conditions and a few details about the owner.

  • Service charges apply when reserving, with a maximum fixed at 180 euros.

Advantages of the site

  • The website is serious and trustworthy. The photos are taken by a team of professional photographers, who check the accommodation on offer at the same time.
  • Payment is 100% secure.
  • There’s a lot on offer, across all quarters of Barcelona. Prices range from 200 euros to over 1,500 euros, so there’s a huge variety.
  • The owner has to respond within 48 hours of reserving, so you won’t have to keep chasing people up to get the information you need. Funds are made available 24 hours after arrival, so if the accommodation doesn’t suit, you can always back out.
  • The site’s customer service department available 7 days a week.
  • The site is intended for students, but you don’t have to be a student to book.

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