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brunch milk bar

Brunch in Barcelona: our top 5 destinations

It's 11am on Saturday or Sunday, and you've just woken up from a fabulous lie-in. What's next? Brunch, of course! ...

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Smoothie Mendizabal

Barcelona’s best smoothies for summer

Discover our selection of Barcelona's best smoothie bars. There's nothing quite like a cold, fruity drink to refresh you when it's hot! ...

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pubs beer Barcelona

The best pubs for beer in Barcelona

There are plenty of pubs serving good beer in Barcelona. Here are three of our favourites - after all, there's no need to limit yourself...

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made to measure sandwiches

Made-to-measure sandwiches: tasty, healthy and budget-friendly meals

Forget fast food and ready-made industrial sandwiches! Here is a destination for tasty, healthy snacks which you can design yourself, from start to finish....

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La Violeta

La Violeta, a “Slow Food” tapas restaurant in Barcelona

For lovers of fine food and sustainable development, this tapas bar based on local ecological products will delight your tastebuds! ...

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shared accommodation

How and where to find shared accommodation in Barcelona

Here's our advice for finding shared accommodation in Barcelona and recreating “L’Auberge Espagnole” with your own group of international students. Are you in the mood...

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share apartment fridge

Diary of an Erasmus student in Barcelona: 10 golden rules for sharing an apartment

So you've decided to share an apartment in Barcelona? Follow our invaluable advice to make it an unforgettable experience! ...

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monvinic catalan wines

Discovering Catalan wines in Barcelona

Spain offers many high-quality and budget-friendly wines. These are some of our favourite places to try Catalan wines without breaking the bank. Cheers!...

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