Catalan Wines in Barcelona: Our Best Places to Taste Them

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Catalonia is a major wine-growing region, with 12 appellations of origin (Denominación de Origen) of its very own.

One of the best ways of discovering Catalan wine is by visiting some of the specialised shops presented in this article, rarely visited by tourists. Time for a trip off the beaten track!

Amovino: A welcoming spot focused on Catalan wines

catalan wine amovino

AmoVino, AmasVino, AmaVino, AmamosVino… We love wine and apparently so do you, since you are reading this article! As a good glass of wine never hurt anyone (we said one, not three), let’s meet at AmoVino, a very nice place in the Eixample Esquerra neighbourhood.

Straight off the bat, the name of this place sets the tone and tells a lot about its history. AmoVino is, first and foremost, the adventure of three curious, dynamic French individuals who are wine enthusiasts.

One fine day, they decide to open a place in Barcelona with the aim of sharing their mutual passion for good food and Catalan wines. Their professionalism and determination allows this project to come to life in March 2017. And, much to our delight, it continues to operate several years later.

AmoVino and its 4 different spaces:

  • The bar: Which offers a broad selection of more than 30 different Catalan wines.
  • The restaurant: Where you can savour tapas or small classic or original dishes.
  • The wine cellar: here, Catalan appellations are the focus. Over a hundred and fifty wines from this region selected by the AmoVino team are listed here.
  • The tasting room: A beautiful glass-walled space entirely dedicated to the art of tasting. It can be privatized for any type of event (tasting, cocktail party, lunch or dinner, meeting, birthday…)
  • Where? Carrer Aribau, 30, Eixample District (Universitat metro station)

Antiga Casa de Tesi Mascarell, a traditional wine shop

A short walk from the Parc de la Ciutadella, this shop offers dozens of different varieties, organised by appellation of origin (DO in Spanish) on high wooden shelves.

The décor is simple and restrained, but staff will be more than happy to advise you in your choice of Catalan wines. Given the quality of the products on offer, the prices compare favourably to what you’ll find in a supermarket.

The family-run shop also offers a wide range of spirits, including whisky, vodka and rum.

Last but not least, it’s ideally situated in the middle of the popular Born quarter, making it the perfect place to stop off and choose a bottle for your evening drinks.

  • Where? Carrer Princesa, 55, Born Quarter (metro station Jaume I, L4 or Arc de Triomf, L1)

Monvínic, the temple of wine

catalan wine monvinic

Big brother to Fastvínic (which specialises in top-quality sandwiches to take away), Monvínic is one of Barcelona’s great wine destinations. Widely lauded by the press since its opening (Financial Times, Le Monde, Food & Wine and more!), it has become an international icon in the world of wine. We feel that this success has a lot to do with the originality of the concept.

Monvínic isn’t just a restaurant: it’s also a wine bar, a bodega which sells bottles to take away, and an information centre. The setting is truly exceptional, and has recently been renovated.

Push open the heavy door, and enter into the palace of wine! The décor is natural and focused on top-quality materials, right down to the gilded cutlery.

  • Top tip: go to Monvínic for a weekday lunch. Behind the shop, you’ll find a charming terrace, a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. The restaurant offers a very nice lunch menu.
  • If you prefer to visit in the evening, it’s best to book ahead to get a table in the restaurant, or simply opt for the wine bar, where reservations are not required.
  • Where? Carrer de la Diputació, 251, Eixample (metro station Passeig de Gràcia, L2/L3/L4)

Di-Vi, a friendly place to discover Catalan wines

di-vi wines

Di-ví will take you off the beaten track. On the corner of Carrer Muntaner and Valencia, the shop is like a little world of wine in its own right, offering all of the different Catalan appellations from carefully-selected estates, and a remarkable variety of cavas.

Di-ví’s unique character lies in the original and well-designed layout of the shop, which gives it a friendly, approachable feel. The owner has managed to create an atmosphere combining simplicity and passion, and is on hand to respond to any questions you may have.

Don’t hesitate to enquire about the various tasting sessions (“catas”) held in the shop, popular with local residents: at least once a week, representatives from different estates come in to the shop.

Each time, a different Catalan grower is invited to present their estate and offer tastings of their wines. Learning about wine from the grower rather than from a sommelier is fascinating, and gives a far better understanding of the product’s character.

The shop also offers cheese and wine, chocolate and wine or introduction to wine tasting events.

  • Where? Carrer Muntaner, 92, Eixample (metro station Provença, L6/L7 or Hospital Clínic, L5)

Vila Viniteca, for wine and cheese lovers

vila viniteca barcelona

Recognised and awarded both in Catalonia and Spain or even beyond its borders, this unique and authentic boutique is a true institution in Barcelona!

Since 1932, the locals of Born have been getting their fruits and vegetables at Vila Viniteca. Initially greengrocers, the owners quickly expanded their range of products to supply the neighbourhood’s restaurants with wines and liquors. In 1992, the concept of Vila Viniteca as it exists today was born: two shops facing each other, one dedicated to gastronomy, the other to wines.

From floor to ceiling, all the walls are covered with bottles. Small aisles are also created by boxes filled with various vintages.

Catalonia and Spain are of course honoured, but the displays also include wines from more than 55 countries. In total, the shop distributes bottles produced in over 200 estates worldwide.

How to choose from such an offer? It’s quite simple: here, the sellers are sommeliers or oenologists. All of them speak English.

In addition to wines, you can also find cheeses, Iberian hams, olive oils, spices, chocolates… Their common point is their high quality, which the owners ensure by working closely with various producers.

Two addresses:

  • The original: Carrer dels Agullers, 7, Born district (Barceloneta metro, L4)
  • In the Illa shopping centre: Avinguda Diagonal, 557 (Maria Cristina metro, L3)

So, ready to toast?


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