Rebelot, a “Slow Food” tapas restaurant in Barcelona

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For lovers of fine food and sustainable development, this tapas bar based on local ecological products will delight your tastebuds!


Carrer del Baluard 58
metro: Barceloneta (L4)


every day from 11am to 3am

How much?

less than 20 euros


for its original decor
for responsible tourism

Located in the Barceloneta market, Rebelot offers a tapas bar concept focused on local and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Rebelot, a “Glocal”restaurant: local suppliers and quality products

Here there are no opaque supply chains, or foods sprayed with pesticides! All the ingredients come from ecological (or biodynamic) farms located within a 100km radius of Barcelona (Canet de Mar, Vilassar de Mar…).

This is the “0 Kilometre” and Slow Food principle! Opposing fast food and based on the common values of eco-gastronomy and alternative consumption, this movement is organised on a local scale.

In practice, chef Jordi Limon collaborates with other restaurateurs in the Barcelona Slow Food community, although he has his own suppliers. He has selected the highest quality products with the greatest respect for the environment.

rebelot entrance

Rebelot, original and tasty cuisine

The ingredients are cooked in such a way as to enhance the flavours while offering new associations. The result is an unexpected tapas like the “Trio de mini hamburguesas” : 3 balls of pork mounted on a slice of cheese, crowned with pickled onions and fine herbs. The meat is tasty and the combination works well.

The same goes for the fillet of duck breast and asparagus. As a native of Toulouse, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the duck, which was perfectly grilled and pink on the inside. The little grilled asparagus were perfectly crunchy and all was combined perfectly in a mustard sauce that was as mysterious as it was delicious.

meat rebelot

If you’re looking for something fresh, I recommend the “Salmorejo”. It’s an Andalusian specialty, and a sort of thick gazpacho, sprinkled with fine pieces of ham and little crumbs of egg, all accompanied with an environmentally friendly Belgian craft beer!

salmorejo rebelot

The desserts are also well worth a try. Give in to the Crema Catalana served in a bowl, sprinkled with melting brownie crumbs and finely chopped strawberry.

Fruit lovers should go for the “queso de Mango”, a sweet with a flavour comparable to cheesecake, with a judicious drizzling of fresh mango coulis. If you order a coffee do not omit to try the extraordinary crispy rice white chocolate truffle!

Little extra at Rebelot

As the interior is open in Summer it’s a great place to seek shade and refresh yourself with a smoothie made in front of you with seasonal fruits.

The chef, Jordi Limon, also has another establishment: Somorrostro restaurant is just at the corner of the street, with a cuisine that’s even more radically “slow food”!

Enjoy your meal!

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