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Gastronomic Barcelona: a guided tour for your 5 senses

gastronomic Barcelona Boquería

Catalan cuisine is rich in contrast, and exploring it opens up to you a whole world of Catalan experiences.

But it will take you further than just discovering the local culinary culture: you will dive into the local atmosphere, take a trip through hundred year old streets, learn about the history of the places you visit, and discover Barcelona with all 5 senses.

Gastronomic tour of Barcelona with a private guide

José’s private tour is interesting for the following reasons:

  • It’s a made-to-measure tour
  • It’s in Spanish, French or English
  • It lasts 3 hours
  • You visit the Boquería market instead of Santa Caterina
  • The tasting is a little different
  • The timings are more flexible

Route of the gastronomic tour

The tour starts in the narrow streets around the Ramblas. You take a stroll through charming little shops where local people come to stock up on coffee, cheese, chocolate…

You continue by diving into the Boquería market, finding products that make up the Catalan culinary identity. Which is a great chance for the guide to give you his mother’s paella recipe…a real family secret!

Your tour will then take you to the Gothic neighbourhood, specifically Petritxol street. Its cafés specialising in hot chocolate and churros (granjas) and its art galleries have made it famous and very dear to the people of Barcelona.

Useful information

  • The tour lasts 3 hours. It costs around €195 for a group of 1-6 people. If there are more than 7 of you, contact us, for a more competitive price.
  • It is available every day of the year, although it is necessary to book. To reserve your tour, write to us through our contact form.

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