What to pack for your trip to Barcelona?

what to pack for barcelona

Need advice on what to pack for your trip to Barcelona? To help you pack your suitcase, we’ve put together a list of the clothes and items you might need during your stay in the Catalan capital.

Essentials to pack


Barcelona is a Mediterranean metropolis where people dress casually. But this is a city, not a seaside resort. So, it’s a good idea to cover up just a little, even when coming back from the beach.

  • A word of advice: Take walking shoes with you, so that you can comfortably wander the streets.
  • Above all, avoid wearing swim shorts with a towel over your shoulder or scruffy clothing, which will immediately make you look like a tourist and attract the attention of pickpockets.

To blend in, wear trousers or Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt or polo shirt, even a light one. Women can stroll around town in dresses, shorts, or skirts (even short ones) without any problem, but it’s important they bring good shoes to make the most of their visit.

Special attention should be paid to the bag that will follow you on your Barcelona adventure. Backpacks should be avoided, as they would make you an ideal target for pickpockets on the prowl.

  • Instead, opt for a shoulder bag with a firm grip and/or closed pockets inside your trousers or jacket for your wallet.

Evening wear

As in the daytime, evening style is fairly casual. However, it really depends on the venue: there are nightclubs, cocktail bars, or restaurants where you’ll feel more comfortable if you’re well dressed. Examples include Opium and Bling Bling.

A few things to remember

Whatever the season or your style of dress, we recommend that you take the following with you to Barcelona:

  • Earplugs: the streets of the old town are often noisy (especially in summer). What’s more, the layout of Barcelona’s flats is such that rooms often open onto a fairly small inner courtyard from which you can hear your neighbours.
  • Use a night mask if the brightness bothers you. In older buildings, the blinds are often old-fashioned and allow a little light to filter through.
  • A flask with a filter: very practical if you want to drink the water from the fountains scattered around the city without absorbing the high level of limescale it contains.
  • Towels (or even bed linen) if your accommodation doesn’t provide them (make sure you check the terms and conditions!)
  • On the other hand, don’t take any valuable jewellery with you to avoid having it stolen.

Packing for a summer trip to Barcelona

beach barcelona summer

The weather in Barcelona in summer is hot and humid. Choose light linen or cotton clothing and T-shirts. The sun shines down hard: a light wrap or short sleeves will prevent sunburn on the shoulders.

Also pack comfortable tennis shoes or sandals, Bermuda shorts, polo shirts, or light dresses. The looser your clothes are cut, the more they will let the breeze through to cool you down. Avoid clothes that are too tight or clingy, synthetic materials and colours that are too dark.

drawing hat sunglasses

As for accessories, don’t go out without your sunglasses and possibly a hat or cap!

In August, the atmosphere can be stifling. A small spray bottle will not go amiss to cool you down in the heat. A fan can also be very useful in overheated environments.

Don’t forget your beach gear either: swimming costume, sun cream, after-sun cream and beach towels are essential. If you’re coming by car, it’s a good idea to bring a beach umbrella too.

drawing beach umbrella

Packing for a winter trip to Barcelona

hop on hop off winter

Winter is mild in Barcelona, but we still recommend that you pack a good coat, scarf, and even gloves for those who are a little chilly.

In general, the coldest time of the year is February and March. The rest of the time, temperatures are mild as the sun shines and warms the city. Therefore, you’ll need to pack several layers of clothing, some thinner than others, which you can take off and put back on as the temperature varies greatly during the day, especially when it’s sunny

Your footwear should be comfortable and warm: ankle boots or semi-flat boots are the best options for women.

Packing for a spring or autumn trip to Barcelona

casa batllo sant jordi

The mid-season is marked by somewhat unstable weather. It can be very hot one day and rainy the next, so pack light T-shirts, light jumpers, comfortable shoes, a half-season jacket, as well as a waterproof jacket and/or umbrella.

And don’t forget your swimming costume: in recent years, for example, there have still been plenty of bathers during the All Saints’ Day holidays.

Two tips for all seasons

  1. Don’t forget your camera. Barcelona’s light is photogenic whatever the season. Keep it with you in your hand luggage.
  2. And don’t forget to leave some space in your suitcase for the return journey. Barcelona is full of tempting shopping and gift ideas!

Enjoy your preparations and your trip!

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