Fun or delicious gift ideas to take back from your trip to Barcelona

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Barcelona offers an incredible range of gift ideas to delight your loved ones. Here is a list of wonders to stuff your suitcase with!

Recycled gift ideas

The original concept of the Vaho shops, recently renamed Nukak, is to give a second life to former Barcelona street signs. They are transformed into handbags, backpacks, wallets, purses, iPad covers, belts, make up bags etc. And each colourful piece is completely unique.

articles vaho gifts

There are 2 of these boutiques in Barcelona’s historic centre. Their opening times are the same, 10am to 10pm.

One is at 55 Argenteria street, the other is at 13 Bonsuccès street.

“Delicatessen” gift ideas

Planning to bring some gifts back from Barcelona for your friends with refined pallets? Nothing could be simpler, and there is no shortage of choice…

Fine charcuterie

If your loved ones are fans of fine charcuterie or cheese, go for it! In Barcelona’s Andreu shops you can feast your eyes on cheeses, Ibérico hams, dried sausages and chorizos. We are big fans of Andreu products, and we even wrote an entire article on the subject.

  • We advise you to buy the vacuum-packed wafers of Ibérico shoulder (virutes d’espatlla ibèrica), as it’s cheaper than slices and in our opinion it’s tastier and more tender.

ibérico ham gifts

Virgin olive oil

If you want to bring back good Spanish olive oil, read our article on the best places in Barcelona to buy it.

Wood fired nuts

Want to bring something home for your little nut lovers? Head straight to Casa Gispert, a boutique that’s redolent of the 19th century. Here there is no shortage of hazelnuts, or almonds, hand grilled over a wood fire in a superb original oven that reigns over the back of the shop. It’s a special moment where your five senses take a little trip back in time!

Chocolate-covered nuts

If you’re bringing a box of macadamia nuts, covered in Tahiti vanilla, black chocolate powder, and with just a pinch of salt from Bubó, you could well make a lot of people happy. You can ask my family if you don’t believe me! We cried it was so good!

chocolate macadamias bubo gifts

Christmas turrón

If you want to bring them a typical dessert that’s a sort of cousin of nougat and traditional at Christmas time, buy turrón…but buy a good one. Learn more in our article on where to buy the best handmade turrón in Barcelona.

Wine and cheese

gifts wine

Vila Viniteca is paradise for wine lovers. This magnificent bodega will turn your head and get you drunk within an hour. It’s a required stop for those in the know. For more info on this wine and cheese heaven, click here!

Gift ideas for children


On a pretty little square in the Gràcia area, you will find a real Ali Baba’s cave for little ones. It’s name is le bateau lune, and its specialty is good quality, handmade, traditional and mostly wooden toys that are often educational and bring out children’s creativity. If this idea appeals to you, you can find more info on the bateau lune website.


What child does not love sweets? But these aren’t just any sweets. The creators of Papabubble open their doors to you offering original, appetising and handmade sweets in their very appealing boutique!

Shield your eyes because Papabubble sweets are dazzling.

Papabubble handmade sweets gifts


Jewelry Gift ideas

If you are looking for a handmade jewelry gift, then take a look at our article on the unusual jewellery at Locura Cotidiana. Two charming and passionate designers await your visit.

locura window gifts

We also love the Jewelry designs at Joid’art. Their many Barcelona boutiques offer stylish designs at reasonable prices.

“Barcelona” Gift ideas

We have chosen a few boutiques for you that sell original souvenirs with a strong Barcelona theme.

At the Moritz Store, in the Sant Antoni area, you can choose from a whole heap of gadgets, items and t-shirts celebrating the Barcelona beer.

At Wawas Barcelona, you will find a whole load of books on Barcelona, postcards, decor and kitchen items, all in a very pleasant setting in the Born.

books graffitis wawas gifts

At OMG Barcelona, a little boutique in the heart of the Gothic district, you will find items made by people from Barcelona. The range is not very wide but the products are original and good quality.

drawing of Barcelona panot

The leather goods shop Sadur offers a very nice range of leather accessories bearing the paving stone symbol of Barcelona: Bags, wallets, purses, keyrings with the Barcelona four-petalled flower of the hexagonal paving stone designed by Gaudí. It’s hard to choose from all of the exclusive and top quality items.

Barça and football-themed gift ideas

We cannot finish this article without providing a little tip for fans of football and the FC Barcelona team. If you want to buy souvenirs of this renowned team, bear in mind that the official gear is not cheap at all. At la Roca Village, an outlet centre about 30 minutes from Barcelona, there is a FC Barcelona shop but the prices are the same as the other official shops in the city.

drawing barça jersey number 10

  • Our top tip, is that there you can register at the la Roca centre information office and receive a booklet of VIP tickets, giving you 10% off (outside of sale periods) items in all the shops at la Roca. And yes, it is worth it! There is more info in our article on this chic outlet shopping centre. It’s worth a trip as there are lots of nice boutiques there.

  • You can find gadgets and other cool ideas in stores like Dos i una, Natura, La Galería Maxó and even more.
  • S.O.S budget: take a look around one of the many Tiger shops in Barcelona. You will find heaps of nice items often priced between 1 and 5 euros.
  • If you are looking for even more suggestions, check out the section buying a gift, a souvenir or a book on our site.

With all of these gift ideas, your friends and family might wish you would go away more often!

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