Where to buy good handmade turrón in Barcelona?

Turrón (torró in Catalan) is a traditional sweet made of ground or whole almonds, honey, sugar and egg. It comes in a large rectangular tablet and is generally eaten all over Spain during the Christmas period.

What type of turrón to choose?

Here are a few classics:

El torró de Xixona

El torró de Xixona (turrón de Jijona in Spanish) is a soft turrón made from ground almonds. It has an amber colour and a soft crumbly texture. This turrón is high in fat content, but it is also very tasty.

El torró d’Alacant

El torró d’Alacant (turrón de Alicante in Spanish) is made from whole almonds. It looks a little like Montélimar nougat, but it is a little harder on the teeth!

These two well-known types of turrón are pretty safe. But if you want to taste some more original flavours, you can take your pick from a wide range including chocolate-almond, chocolate-hazelnut, coconut, crème brûlée and more.

Choose only handmade turrón

Turrón is very calorific but if you go for handmade turrón you can be sure of a high quality product made from meticulously chosen ingredients.

  • Our advice: to be sure of getting handmade turrón, head to the stores recommended in this article. Some brands claim to be handmade or artisanal but they are nevertheless industrially produced, and should therefore be avoided!

Where to buy artisanal turrón in Barcelona?

At the Orxaterìa Verdú, a family business not to be missed

turron barcelona verdu

If there’s one address I can recommend with my eyes closed (and my taste buds on the lookout), it’s the Orxatería Verdú on Calle Bruc in the Eixample. And for good reason! Being a fanatic of their horchata, I buy there very regularly in the summer and I place my numerous family orders for turrón at Christmas.

Ready for a little trip back in time? Nothing seems to have changed here since it opened in 1980, and that’s just as well.

This place is loved by everyone in the neighbourhood. No wonder, the quality of its turrón and the kindness of all the members of this family originally from Alicante are good reasons for its success. Two generations work with passion and sell excellent products that they make themselves. Friendliness, quality and authenticity are guaranteed!

Their homemade turrón is tasty and carefully balanced. It’s the best turrón I’ve ever had. My favourite? Their soft Xixona turrón, the texture and taste is just amazing!

Where? Carrer Bruc, (metro station Verdaguer, L4)
When? Monday to Sunday from 9.30am to 10.30pm (closed from January to Easter)
Why? For the quality of its products and the friendliness of its salespeople

Planelles Donat, a Barcelona store with a great reputation

turron barcelona planelles

This famous boutique is open all year round, and located on one of Barcelona’s most central shopping streets, just feet from the Plaça Catalunya. In Winter they offer a wide range of turrón and other sweets, and in Summer you can enjoy creamy ice creams, or drink horchata de chufa (a Valencian specialty).

Here, everything is well organised. The sales staff are professional and offer great advice and the store brings together a full clientele made up of loyal local people and travelers passing through.

Where? Avinguda del Portal de l’Àngel 25 (metro station Plaça Catalunya, L1/L3/L6/L7 or Urquinaona L1/L4)
When? Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm
Why? For its central location, and its ample range of products.

  • There are also two more stores that are open only in summer: they are located at Portal de l’Àngel 7 and 27.

À la Campana, a Barcelona store that’s more than 100 years old

turron barcelone lacampana

Located in the Born district, this very old and pretty boutique is part of Barcelona’s cultural heritage, selling great ice cream and delicious handmade turrón since 1890.

Smaller but prettier than Planelles Donat, it also offers a great selection of sweets. You can buy packets of turrón in every size, which is helpful if you want to try lots of different flavours, and you can also buy prettily wrapped gifts.

Where? Carrer Princesa, 36, Born district (metro station Jaume I, L4)
When? Every day from 10 am to 9 pm, closed in February
Why? For its charm, and the pretty presentation of its products.

  • There is also a second store at carrer Flassaders nº 15 (in the Born) open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 11pm.

During the Christmas period this store often has a little stand in the Illa shopping centre on the Diagonal avenue, 557.  You can find the same products there as in the store, which is very useful, although of course it does not have the same charm.

Check out our article on horchatas, as the stores that make this artisanal drink also sell delicious turrón in Winter, namely Sirvent, Tio Che and Verdú.


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