Locura cotidiana: a jewellery store for original handmade designs

Locura Cotidiana

Gràcia’s Travessera is one of the liveliest streets in the district, and at number 129 you will find a boutique with a stylish and colourful window display that will draw you inside. There you will discover a Barcelona jewelry store that is quite unlike any other.

Locura cotidiana: a slightly mad jewelry boutique

Locura cotidiana (everyday madness in Spanish) is more than 20 years old, having opened its doors in 1994, and its name perfectly reflects the jewelry design of Pia and Omar, its two owners.

Locura cotidiana’s unusual name


 (madness) for its original and creative side! The opening of this store in the 90s breathed a certain fantasy and folly into the mostly traditional jewellery scene of Barcelona at the time.

Cotidiana (everyday) because each piece created by Pia and Omar is well designed and comfortable. Here you can forget about tight, pinching, or irritating jewellery. The goal is to bring out the customer’s personality while offering them pieces that are easy and pleasant to wear, even every day.

Locura cotidiana and its two polyglot creators

Pia is German and Omar is Argentinian, and they create the jewellery in their studio at the back of the shop. They are passionate about what they do as you can tell after speaking to them for just a moment.

  • Pia speaks a number of languages, and Omar is fluent in English, so it’s a great place for people who don’t speak either Spanish or Catalan.

Pia loves to design pieces with organic shapes, while Omar prefers more geometric patterns. They complement each other perfectly and their boutique offers a rich variety of original pieces.

jeweler locura cotidiana: organic shape pieces


jeweler locura cotidiana designs with pearls

They also lend their window to other talented designers such as Oana Millet, a Catalan designer who creates original jewellery in aluminium and bright colours. So there is something for everyone at Locura cotidiana.

jeweler locura cotidiana

Don’t bother looking for the earrings in the centre of the above photo on the middle shelf, as I snapped them up on my last visit to the boutique! 😉

Locura cotidiana’s after-sale service

Oh dear! You’ve broken, worn out or lost part of your favourite new piece of jewellery from Locura cotidiana!  No problem, you can simply drop back to the shop and Pia and Omar will be happy to help you out. Isn’t that a nice feeling?

Locura cotidiana: reasonable madness

In this boutique, you can find many original handmade and sometimes unique pieces for between 10 and 250 euros. Since they are unique products and made of high quality material, the price is quite reasonable.

So let a little madness into your life!

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