Tiger, Barcelona: the budget-friendly gift shop

Tiger napkins

Tiger is an innovative and successful Danish chain of gift shops, now open at several locations across Barcelona.

What, exactly, is Tiger?

Imagine a cross between Ikea (on a smaller scale and without the flatpacks) and Aladdin’s cave. Got that? That’s Tiger.

  • Tiger shops are like Aladdin’s cave in terms of their size, the vast and varied selection of articles and the low, low prices.
  • Ikea-style elements include the perfect lighting, Scandi-style wooden decor, careful product presentation and… a one-way system.

What can you buy?

Tiger shops are a treasure-trove of odds and ends, from card-holders to decorative objects, sports equipment, homewares, cooking utensils, toys, phone cases, pencils, rubbers, baskets… and a whole range of gadgets, some useful, others less so.

tiger articles

Temptation guaranteed!

Even with plenty of warning, it’s hard – nay, impossible – to leave a Tiger without buying anything.

Trust us, we know our stuff. We’re the people who go to Ikea to buy a quilt cover and come out with a trolley full of “essentials” – and we seem to be developing a Tiger habit of similar proportions.

Resistance is futile, given the propensity of articles to “jump” into our basket to join their friends. There’s nothing for it but to accept our fate. Well, once a shopper, always a shopper…

tiger tissues

The budget-friendly gift shop

But have no fear! Even with a full basket, your holiday budget shouldn’t be too badly affected. Tiger’s prices are unbelievably low across the full range of products, so you have nothing to worry about.

Find a Tiger in Barcelona

  • Rosselló, 247 (Eixample)
  • Ronda universitat, 11 (Eixample)
  • Comtal, 32 (Barrio gótic)
  • Portaferrissa, 13 (Gótic)
  • Consell de Cent, 341 (Eixample)
  • Carrer de la Marina de Sants, 138 (Sants)
  • Muntaner, 272 (Gràcia)

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