Galería Maxó: artistic and adorable souvenirs of Barcelona

galería maxó

Since 2009, Galería Maxó has delighted travelers in search of unusual gifts. Forget about gadgets and keyrings: this is about surprising and stylish souvenirs.

The Galería Maxó concept: mixing art and tourism

Galería Maxó is not an art gallery where only art experts can uncover something to take home from their trip. Artist Maxó Rellena considers the wider public to be his audience, and his aim is to allow visitors to get to know art.

This is quite cannily achieved as his compositions are very accessible. There is nothing abstract in those works that are designed for tourists, whether they are photos, postcards or maps of the city.

Those looking for abstract art can head straight to the back of the gallery where there are numerous conceptual works for sale.

galeria maxo interior

3D photographs

One of the great things at Maxó is it allows visitors to leave with a small framed piece of Barcelona. The artist basically makes 3D-effect photos, but don’t worry you won’t need special glasses to appreciate them!

It actually involves layering multiple photos, cut in places to give an impression of depth, and creates a very playful effect whereby standing in front of it allows you to see a whole range of hidden details. And it’s great fun!

Park Güell, street scenes, little boutiques, old bars, Barceloneta… Many sides of the city are remade in the expert hands of Maxó. You simply have to choose your favourite souvenir.

galeria maxo wall

Retro postcards

Galería Maxó also sells nice retro postcards with serrated edges. They represent trencadis (the famous ceramic fragments gathered together), street or nightlife scenes, or even Spanish people in traditional dress.

It makes a change from the typical postcards of the Ramblas or the beach! Expect to pay around 2 euros.

galeria maxo postcards

Chic and crafty maps

The more practically-minded will no doubt succumb to the pretty maps of Maxó’s favourite areas, for sale for around 7 euros. They have an elegant and purist design, and will help you find your way in style.

And as a bonus they include a few good ideas for places to visit on your walks, so you can take a tour of Barcelona guided by an artist!

galeria maxo maps

The artist’s studio

Apart from the postcards, everything at Galería Maxó is made by Maxó, the gallery’s owner. He showed me his little studio at the back of the shop, and all I can say is, it’s impressive!

galeria maxo cameras

From floor to ceiling (inclusive!), every corner of the studio is home to some creative element. See for yourself: in our image gallery you can see a photo with jars hanging from the ceiling, between the beams; it is clear Maxó is passionate about what he does.

The only question is will you be passionate about his works? We are guessing you probably will be…

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