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The Moritz store: a quirky tribute to Barcelona’s favourite beer

Moritz Store

Moritz beer is an institution in Barcelona. Thanks to the work of the 6th Moritz generation, the brand is still growing and has become a symbol of the city.

The Moritz store concept

A historical address

It’s no accident that the Moritz store is located at 41 Ronda Sant Antoni. This is the address where the original Moritz brasserie was created in the 19th Century.

Jean Nouvel recently renovated and decorated the place to transform it into a multi-function space dedicated to beer and Barcelona. As vestiges of the past go, there are only a few machines that were formerly used to mix beer. They are displayed in the basement in a large case, and they are well worth a look!

moritz store t-shirt Barcelona

Barcelona, beer and Moritz

The store (officially called M-store) is located just beside the Moritz tapas bar. Opened in December 2012, it offers a vast selection of branded collectors’ items.

Collaboration and creativity

The Moritz store has a special concept: besides the books and a few gadgets there is also a range of products specially created for the brand through various collaborations.

moritz store helmet

The first of these were Brompton foldable bikes made for Moritz (which include refrigerated bags to keep your beer cold!),  Le Coq Sportif cycling jerseys, or Munich Shoes trainers in the Moritz colours.

What can you find at the Moritz store?

Everything for beer

Obviously the central theme at the Moritz store is beer. You can therefore find an abundance of accessories for enjoying a Moritz in style: mini-pocket ice-cubes, bottle openers, bottle holders and more.

My personal favourite is the unpasteurised Moritz (fewer chemicals, more flavour and better for your health) sold in large glass bottles with a dark and elegant design. It’s available to try in the bar next door.

moritz store bottle

The Moritz world and its endless possibilities

On top of all this, the Moritz store also sells a number of gadgets in the Moritz colours, and they are all very original!

Candles shaped like glasses of beer, place mats shaped like Moritz bottle tops, motorbike helmets, miniature models of the Moritz commercial vehicles, posters celebrating the brand or even postcards…you will be spoiled for choice!

moritz store cars

Souvenirs of Barcelona

Barcelona is in the Moritz genes: it was in this city that it was created and where it first met with success.

You can therefore find in the M-store souvenirs such as graphic maps of Barcelona personalised by the Moritz team, books on the city and its cuisine, t-shirts and lots of other pretty things.

moritz store postcards

Other gadgets

You can also find a range of gadgets that don’t have any direct relation to Moritz or with Barcelona. There are Batman cafetières, machines for poaching eggs, origami candles and even recipes that are sold with a playlist for cooking to music!

The items vary and change over time, but if you’re looking for a gift for someone, the chances are you will find it here! They are open continuously from 10am to 1am so you should be able to find a window to visit!

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