Fàbrica Moritz: creative tapas in a historical and trendy bar

fàbrica moritz

Opened in 2011, Fàbrica Moritz has quickly won over the population of Barcelona. It’s fashionable without being overdone, making this tapas bar unusual and very appealing.

Fàbrica Moritz, a unique place

An honoured history

Fàbrica Moritz is a historical site belonging to the Moritz family since the 19th Century, and it also where the beer was once brewed.

This is no longer the case but the place has kept its soul as well as its name, as “fabrica” means factory in Catalan. You can still visit some of the old brewing machines displayed underground.

fabrica moritz factory

Transformation and renovation

Although the Moritz family were keen to preserve the spirit of the place, the brand has spent 10s of millions of euros in renovating and remodeling the space to completely transform it. It now houses a tapas bar, a bakery and the Moritz store.

Architect Français Jean Nouvel (responsible for the Agbar tower) was in charge of this project and the result is very special!

Cool and trendy atmosphere

People of all ages meet in this mixture of bright colours and stark materials.

The atmosphere is at the same time cool, trendy and edgy: the servers’ uniforms are directly inspired by the Moritz factory workers’ uniforms, for example, which is nice touch!

fabrica moritz bar

Fàbrica Moritz is perfect for nights out with friends, and there are many long tables arranged around the place with benches.

  • Our advice: victim of its own success, Fábrica Moritz is often full to bursting so try to get there around 8pm to get a space, and avoid going on Fridays or Saturdays.

Eating at Fàbrica Moritz

At Fàbrica Moritz, all the tapas are made to order: no reheating here! And you can see for yourself as all of the kitchen walls are transparent.

A very varied menu

The menu offers a number of mixed salads, fresh seafood, grilled fish, gourmet sandwiches, and egg-based dishes… and Fàbrica Moritz even serves breakfast for around 6 euros.

The restaurant offers a variety of breads made on-site. There is of course a beer bread, but there are also many more. My favourite is the slightly sweet dried fruit loaf.

Expect to pay between 3 and 10 euros per tapa and between 10 and 20 euros for a main course. It might seem expensive but the quality is good and the tapas are served well, except for the Moritz montaditos as these are just a mouthful.

tapas fabrica moritz

Classic and original tapas

The tapas classics are available: Ibérico ham, tortilla, calamari…

But the kitchen also offers innovations such as a refined, lighter version of montaditos, which are served on an endive leaf rather than a slice of bread.

The chicken with coriander and mustard mayonnaise was a little too citrus for my tastes, but I absolutely loved the salmon, nuts, yoghurt and apple.

Catalonia vs Alsace

tapas fabrica moritz

However, in honour of the founder’s origins in Alsace, the menu also offers dishes and tapas from that region, such as Catalan sauerkraut and patatas bravas with bechamel and morsels of ham (a treat!).

Admittedly they’re not the lightest offerings but they do go perfectly with beer!

Drinking at Fàbrica Moritz

The kingdom of beer

Moritz traditional, unpasteurised, bottled, draught, glass, or pitcher…

Fàbrica Moritz has also created a number of beer-based cocktails. You can try beer sangria, beer kir and even beer Campari.

If you don’t like beer, don’t worry! You can choose from juices, wines, cavas, vermouths, wine or cava sangrias, cocktails and other spirits; you’re unlikely to go thirsty…

Remember to raise a glass to us while you’re there!

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