Barcelona Top Travel Tips

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cafe harry potter entrance

Pudding Diagonal or the Harry Potter café in Barcelona

Barcelona has an entire café devoted to the many devoted fans of Harry Potter. If that's you, then hop on your Nimbus 2000 and head...

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peggy sue pink wall and stools

Peggy Sue: Pastel decor and colourful snacks for kids and adults

If you've got kids and you're a fan of the 50s, take a time machine to Peggy Sue's for some vintage charm!...

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natural science museum

Museu Blau: the Barcelona natural science museum

The natural science museum brings together all the elements of the planet's evolution. It's a wonderful interactive tour that will delight curious children! ...

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top markets Boqueria ham

Barcelona for foodies: our top 5 food markets

Places to wander, to wonder, to smell and to taste: Barcelona's fabulous markets offer a feast for the senses. Discover our five favourites here!...

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