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Acero: a whole container full of love… and sandwiches!


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Treat your tastebuds with one of Acero's fabulous sandwiches. Vibrant and tempting cuisine with a generous helping of love!

Acero: the owners

Carrer de l'Espaseria, 8-10,
El Born
Métro: Jaume I


Tuesday - Saturday, 1pm - 4pm and 8pm - 11pm

How much?

8 - 15 euros


Because everything is really tasty!

Acero, which means “steel”, is a former maritime shipping container transformed into a café by two brothers, Raúl and David.

The menu features sandwiches and a whole range of tasty snacks. The chefs seem to have a way with meat, teaming different cuts with a whole range of other ingredients and spices to create a taste explosion!

There’s something for everyone here, so whatever your tastes, you’re bound to fall under Acero’s charms once you get past the steely facade.

Acero: sandwiches filled with love

  • Think slow-roasted beef with cheddar, caramelised onions, gherkins and mustard, served between two slices of toasted artisan bread – my mouth is watering just thinking about it!
  • The Vietnamita is particularly hard to resist: a baguette filled with succulent pancetta, coriander and crispy vegetables, with just a touch of spice. A fresh and flavoursome treat!
  • The fried calamari sandwich (made with fresh calamari) is another of the café’s star attractions.

acero fried calamari sandwich

Chicken wings vs. pork ribs: the big debate!

Two of Acero’s other specialities need to be tested to be believed. But be warned, you’re going to have to use your hands for the full experience…

  • The irresistible chicken wings come in Original, Buffalo and Kun-Phao (coriander and peanut) varieties – so whether you’re a classic wing fan or a more adventurous eater, you’re sure to enjoy them.
  • And there’s more! Pork ribs are served with ratafia sauce on a bed of smoked mashed potato. The meat is meltingly tender and falls off the bone, combining with the mash and the sauce… (ok, now I’m hungry.)

Acero pork ribs

Sides at Acero: fries, corn, salads and more

The spicy fries and the smoked corn with butter and sea salt are worth the trip in their own right. If you’re after something lighter, the raw courgette salad with parmesan, almonds and sun-dried tomatoes is simply delicious!

  • Choose from 5 homemade sauces to add to your meal: plain, truffle or red mayonnaise (with cooking juices from the pancetta), barbecue sauce and chili sauce.

Acero corn

Homemade lemonade and the ubiquitous Moritz

Drinks-wise, Acero has blonde Moritz and its faithful sidekick, Epidor, on tap to enjoy alongside your snacks. Raúl also makes a delicious fresh lemonade with lemon, ginger and mint. The house coffee is from Ecuador, roasted in Barcelona and ground on-site.

The incredible Acero brownie

If you’re there on a brownie day, you absolutely must try the caramel and sea-salt brownie. It’s not on the menu yet, but it’s already made a name for itself! We always get an extra one to take home – it’s THAT good. (Ok, now you’re torturing me – the Very Hungry Translator).

Acero: even the price is nice.

Opened in early 2017 down a little street in the Born, Acero is well worth a trip – and the prices are more than reasonable:

  • Allow around €7 for a sandwich or the pork ribs, €6 for a portion of juicy chicken wings
  • The fries or corn will set you back around €3.50
  • A can of soda or a glass of Moritz costs around €1.50.

Pull up a stool at the bar if you’re lucky enough to find a free spot, or order your food to go – Acero even deliver!The moral of the story? Don’t judge by appearances. Acero’s steely shell hides a soft, warm heart – just the thing to brighten your day!

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