Barcelona Aquarium: immerse yourself in an underwater world

aquarium Barcelona

Barcelona Aquarium is a very nice place to visit, and has the advantage of being open every day of the year. So you can visit exotic lands even when it’s cold outside.

The different spaces of the aquarium

The Oceanarium

The oceanarium is without a doubt the most impressive part of the aquarium. The only one of its kind in Europe, it measures 36 metres in diameter, 5 metres in depth, contains nearly 4 million litres of water and is home to a multitude of species, including such impressive examples as bull sharks and grey sharks.

What makes the oceanarium even more incredible is that you see it through a transparent tunnel. Fish and sharks can be seen not only on either side of the tunnel but also swimming right over your head.

The Mediterranean

ray in Barcelona aquarium

Barcelona aquarium has assembled the largest collection of Mediterranean species in the world, spread over 14 aquariums adorned with multi-coloured coral.

Tropical seas

clown fish

Tropical fish are beautiful to see, and you will really get an eyeful at each of the 7 aquariums dedicated to warm sea fish.

fish aquarium

Planeta Acqua

On the second floor of the aquarium you will find Planeta Acqua, a space dedicated to species adapted to the most extreme climatic conditions: glacial cold (Humbolt penguins), the darkness of the deep sea (jellyfish and other lesser known organisms) or even warm and tropical seas (piranhas, tropical tortoises, iguanas…).

tropical fish aquarium

There is also an educational space showing living fossils and explaining phenomena such as camouflage, symbiosis or environmental aspects that have a direct impact on underwater life.

Explora! Interactive space

The last part of the aquarium is made up of interactive and educational games specially designed for children.

Experiences at Barcelona aquarium

Swimming with sharks

  • Conditions: you must have a valid diving certificate and be over 18 years old.
  • Price: €300
  • Available Wednesdays and weekends if you book in advance

shark aquarium

Dive with sharks

Diving in the shark aquarium is done with underwater cages.

  • Activity for adults and children over 8
  • Price: €150.
  • Available every day (book ahead on +34 932 217 474)

Sleep with sharks

  • Activity for children from 8 to 12 involving spending the night at the oceanarium
  • Lasts from 7.30pm to 10am and includes educational sessions.
  • Price: €90 (including dinner and breakfast)

Useful information

Aquarium opening hours

  • Monday to Friday: 10am to 7:30pm (or 8pm in April, May and October)
  • Weekends and holidays: 1oam to 8pm (or 8:30pm in April, May and October)
  • Every day of June and September: 10am to 9pm
  • Every day of July and August: 10am to 9:30pm

Ticket booth closes one hour before aquarium closes

coral aquarium

Aquarium prices

  • Adult: €21 on site or €19 if you book online (to access the aquarium you will need to print and present the ticket sent to you by email)
  • Children from 5 to 10: €16
  • Children from 3 to 4: €8
  • Possibility of yearly subscription

Other info

  • Aquarium is adapted to people with reduced mobility
  • Lockers are available at the entrance to the aquarium.

Happy discovering!

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