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Bar Lobo: hip décor and market produce near Las Ramblas

Bar Lobo

A stone’s throw from Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s most famous tree-lined avenue, you’ll find Bar Lobo – literally “The Wolf Bar”. We decided to make like Red Riding Hood and go and see what this particular wolf was up to…

Bar Lobo: a hip venue

Nothing could be further from grandmother’s cottage! The décor at Bar Lobo is a subtle blend of cutting-edge design, elegance and originality.

The main room is lit by a selection of Chinese lanterns of all different sizes. The wooden furniture (made by the woodcutter?) echoes the floors, whilst the coloured chair legs add a fun touch.

bar lobo interior

The big black pillar, plastered with posters for nightclubs in Barcelona, creates a contrasting urban vibe which we particularly liked.

Bar Lobo: fresh produce

The menu at Bar Lobo is sophisticated, original and up-to-date, a perfect reflection of the setting. Examples include a delicious stone bass ceviche (tried and tested!), fried aubergines with honey, platters of Iberico ham (Three Little Pigs, is that you?) and substantial 6-oz griddled burgers.

We weren’t ravenously hungry when we visited, so we chose the light and flavoursome quinoa salad.

bar lobo meal

The other reason for choosing a “lighter” option was that we wanted to save space for dessert: a delicious apple tart with vanilla ice cream!


The fresh, tasty and sophisticated dishes on offer are a treat for the tastebuds. The Boquería market isn’t far away, and we suspect a lot of the food at Bar Lobo may originate there.

Drinks-wise, we recommend the tasty juices, with creative fruit combinations.

Bar Lobo: prices

Bar Lobo isn’t the cheapest place to eat in the area, but the prices are justified by the quality of the menu and the creativity on display. Tapas cost from 7-8 euros, mains from around 9 – 13 euros, and desserts come in at around 5 euros.

  • Bar Lobo also offers “tapas” portions which are considerably cheaper – a great option for foodies on a budget!
  • The lunchtime set menu will set you back €12.
  • Don’t be taken in by the name – the venue is more of a restaurant than a bar.

A wolf at the door

The outside area of Bar Lobo is well worth a visit! The terrace is the perfect place for a refreshing glass of fruit juice in summer, or a warming cup of tea in winter.

So who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Not me, not me, not me!

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