Bar Sor Rita: quirky decor and a festive atmosphere


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Fancy a night out in a cool bar? Look no further: Sor Rita has a little touch of madness that makes all the difference.

bar Sor Rita

Carrer de la Mercè 27
metro: Jaume I (L4) or Barceloneta (L4)


Friday and Saturday 7pm to 3am
Sunday to Thursday 7pm to 2:30pm

How much?

from 2 euros


for a cheap top tip
for its oddball decor

Sor Rita is one of Barcelona’s unique bars. As well as its drinks menu, its friendly atmosphere and its lovely staff, the decor is completely wild and makes the time you spend at Sor Rita a truly unique experience.

Kitsch and quirky decor at Sor Rita

Sor Rita has based its decor on such different themes that it can be perplexing.

Where did they come up with the idea to combine posters of Jesus, photos of famous actresses, underwear hanging from the ceiling, Barbie dolls hanging from the lights and various nods to the films of Pedro Almodovar?

It remains a mystery but we don’t mind because the bizarre combination works wonderfully!

In fact, each wall of the bar represents a scene from an Almodovar film. And when I say “wall”, I mean it in the broadest sense. The ceiling is also included, with countless pairs of shoes and heels stuck to it. We did tell you this place was weird!

sor rita decoration

Drinking at Sor Rita

As fascinating as the decor at Sor Rita is, it’s still a bar and it’s time to get down to the important question of what to drink. And the answer is – a bit of everything.

There’s beer (between 1 and 2 euros) wine (around 3 euros a glass) cava (around 11 euros a bottle), traditional and innovative cocktails (around 7 euros) or of course shots (around 2 euros), so there’s plenty to quench your thirst.

Sor Rita wall underpants

Atmosphere at Sor Rita

Sor Rita is popular and it fills up quickly. It’s a bar with a relaxed atmosphere where you find Catalan and foreign people of all ages.

The programme at Sor Rita

Monday: cocktail + tarot

Every Monday, Sor Rita offers a cocktail and tarot deal for 12 euros. From 9pm to midnight you can have your cards read for half an hour while sipping a drink. It’s very original and cool!

You will however have to speak Spanish, and you will need to book ahead by email at

Tuesday: drink + buffet

From 8:30pm on Tuesdays you can enjoy their Todo sabor mi martes (a play on the name of the Almodovar film Almodovar Todo sobre mi madre, All About My Mother).

This is the name of the super Tuesday top tip at Sor Rita: for around 6 euros, you can enjoy a beer, a glass of wine or a vermouth and help yourself to their buffet. It’s the only day of the week where you can eat at Sor Rita.

buffet sor rita

On the menu is everything from pasta salads, lentils, hummus, cured meats, and 4 or 5 sorts of montaditos, the little slices of bread with little pieces of food placed on top.

Don’t be late as the buffet goes quickly!

hummus sor rita

Thursday: Karaoke

Awaken your inner star every Thursday at Sor Rita. From 8pm to 11pm the bar invites you get on stage and hit those decibels!

And of course the atmosphere is also off the hook every other day of the week so don’t hesitate to drop in!

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