Polaroid: an original, retro bar for fans of the ’80s and ’90s

Polaroid bar

Top Gun, The Goonies, Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing… remember those? Or better still, are you getting the urge to break out the blue eyeshadow and the denim dungarees? We have just the place for you!

Tucked away down a dark alleyway in the Gothic Quarter, the Polaroid will take you back in time to the era when you played Super Mario with your friends after school.
Retro is the order of the day here – so put away your smartphone, forget the date, and head back 30 years into the past!

Polaroid: an original bar with quirky décor

polaroid bar original 4

You’ll notice that Polaroid is more than just a simple bar as soon as you step through the door: it’s practically a museum to the last two decades of the 20th Century!

Star Wars, Smurfs and Snoopy figurines are displayed in glass cases, and the walls are hung with posters for cult films including Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters and The Neverending Story. E.T. is even there on his bike, hung from the ceiling in front of a big, round moon, and you’ll be able to re-read some of your favourite comic books, pages of which have been used to cover the tables.
Of course, the finishing touch is the polaroid cameras hung on the brightly-coloured walls, from which the bar takes its name.

The “childhood revisited” theme continues in the bar’s toilets, where you’ll find a blackboard and coloured chalk to express your innermost thoughts whilst you wait!

  • The Polaroid has just recently acquired an air conditioning system. As the bar is small, this is particularly pleasant on hot summer nights!

Polaroid: an original bar with cult cocktails

Thirsty? The bar, with its Tetris-brick shelves, has a cinema theme. Fancy a Han Solo, a Sarah Connor, a Miyagi or a Delorean? The Balboa, with vodka, red berries and passion fruit, is a popular choice. And if you’re feeling brave, how about a “Papa Smurf” shot?

polaroid bar, figurines

  • All cocktails are priced at €6, with beers from €1 – hurray for bargains!
  • Free bowls of popcorn are served with drinks from Monday to Thursday.

Polaroid: a bar with 100% retro music

The playlist at Polaroid will take you back to your teenage years, or, if you’re younger, introduce you to some of the great 80s and 90s classics!

The music is certainly varied: Madonna, Guns and Roses, Britney Spears, Nirvana, Spice Girls, Donna Summer, The Cure, Lionel Richie, Boy George, Rage Against the Machine, Michael Jackson, Aqua, and plenty more!

Fans of Spanish pop-rock won’t be disappointed, either: there’s something for everyone, for both local and international audiences.

Polaroid: a bar with varied activities

Tuesday: “Documartes”

Every Tuesday night, the bar screens a documentary. It’s completely free, and you’ll learn plenty of new things about a whole variety of subjects, from music to politics, sport to society and the environment.

polaroid bar original 5

Thursday: International Meeting

Want to meet new people and share tales of your adventures? Head for Polaroid on Thursdays, when travellers meet up to have a drink and talk about their experiences all around the world.

Sunday: “Cine y  Cena”

Cine y Cena

(cinema and dinner) is a great, relaxing way to end your weekend. Every Sunday at 9pm, there’s a film screening at Polaroid, with a different theme each month.

Around €5 will get you a draught beer, nachos or a hot dog with crisps, and a bowl of popcorn.

  • Try to arrive early for screenings to be sure of finding somewhere comfortable to sit.
  • The full programme is listed on the Polaroid Facebook page.

Ready for a spot of time travel? Off we go! And you don’t need to worry about getting stuck, either – just like Marty McFly, you should be able to find the way back all on your own.

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