Barceló Raval: a refined brunch buffet in beautifully designed surroundings

barceló raval brunch

Brunch is becoming more and more popular and can be had all over Barcelona, but some are better than others.  The Barceló Raval brunch is one of our favourites, offering a buffet packed with delicious sweet and savoury dishes for around 25 euros.

The Barceló Raval restaurant, a futuristic design world

The Barceló Raval is a 4 star hotel located a few metres from the Ramblas, and it is one of the most original hotels in the city. You can read more about why in our article Barceló Raval: an extraordinary hotel that dares to mix baroque and avant garde styles.

barcelo raval entrance

You are free to decide where you want to start: savoury? sweet? the two together? It’s up to you! But be warned, it’s all very tempting and you may want to try everything all at once.

Barceló Raval brunch: savoury corner

Starting with the savoury, you will find:

  • Hot or cold soups and cream of vegetable dishes.
  • Salads: tomatoes/mozzarella/rocket,  glasses of chicken salad, and even assorted ingredients so you can make your own.

brunch barcelo raval glasses

  • Glasses of hummus with pitta bread, or guacamole with crispy bread
  • Tortillas
  • Charcuterie
  • Various cheeses garnished with nuts

brunch barcelo raval cheese

  • Various little sandwiches: egg, vegetable…
  • Mini burritos
  • Smoked fish: salmon, anchovies, cod…

brunch barcelo raval salad

  • Warm homemade pizza
  • A selection of breads
  • Eggs Benedict with ham or spinach

Don’t hold back on the savoury dishes, as the sweets are a little less varied.

brunch barcelo raval eggs benedict

Barceló Raval brunch: sweet corner

The menu:

  • Miniature desserts
  • Sliced or whole skewered fruit
  • Jams and conserves
  • Pastries and tarts (when I visited there was a chocolate tart and a sort of  strawberry pastry)
  • Croissants, donuts and muffins: the only downside of this brunch in my opinion, as they were neither homemade not particularly appetising, although with everything else that’s available it doesn’t really matter!

brunch barcelo raval desserts

Barceló Raval brunch: drinks

The choice of drinks is a little less extravagant, but it is adequate: pressed orange juice, pineapple juice, still or sparkling water, teas and coffees are all available.

As well as these freely available drinks, brunch also includes a cocktail, which you can sip on the hotel’s roof terrace while admiring the panoramic view. The options are: mimosa (cava, orange juice and raspberry syrup), mojitín (a take on a mojito, but made with Martini) or a flute of cava.

cocktail barcelo raval

You will have to pay the bill before enjoying your cocktail if you decide to take it up to the terrace, and your server will give you a ticket to exchange for your drink. You can then return to your table whenever you like.

Some useful information

  • Brunch costs €25 per person, all inclusive
  • It takes place every Sunday from midday to 4pm.
  • A DJ is on site to liven up the atmosphere from 1 or 2pm: if you prefer a quieter atmosphere be sure to arrive before 12pm.

Bon appétit!


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