Barcelona’s Beirut 37: an intimate and unusual bar in the heart of the Raval

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Among the many bars in the Raval, Beirut 37 holds its own. If you like nice surprises, take a look inside!

beirut 37

Carrer de Joaquín Costa 37
Metro Universitat (L1 et L2)
metro: Sant Antoni (L2)


Tuesday to Saturday 6pm to 3am

How much?

from 2.50 euros


for its warm atmosphere

Joaquín Costa street in the Raval is one of my favourite streets in Barcelona as it’s lively, varied and happy, just like the city. When night falls, all these qualities are amplified, making it a great place to stroll around. On just such an evening I happened to find myself in front of the intriguing and mysterious Beirut 37, and was completely won over by the interior. Follow me to find out why!

Beirut 37 and its singular setting

First surprise: at the entrance you are greeted by a statue of a large diva perched on the bar, setting the tone for the whole place and welcoming you to Beirut 37!

The mystery then continues in the more intimate back room where a few candles weakly light up the very unusual illustrations hanging from the wall.

beirut-37-wall art

The atmosphere at Beirut 37 is both quiet and warm, making it the perfect place to come for a relaxed chat with friends, and enjoy a drink.

  • It’s also a great place for a first date or a romantic interlude!
  • Do not wait for someone to come and take your order, you should order at the bar.
  • During the week the place is a little more festive on concert nights. You can view the events listing here.

More than 37 cocktails at Beirut 37

A quick glance at the menu will show you that Beirut 37 specialises in cocktails, as it offers more than 37 different types!

You will recognise such “classics” as the Mojito,  Sex on the Beach or the Margarita, but you can also try some more unusual drinks such as the Dudu made with vodka, lemon, olive and Tabasco, or the Gay Watermelon made with vodka, watermelon, soda and lime.


  • I recommend the Moscow Mule, a perfect alchemy of vodka, lemon, ginger and cucumber!
  • If you’re not a fan of mixers you can always order your favourite alcohol straight.
  • If strong alcohol is simply not your cup of tea you can also order wine, Cava or vermouth.
  • Be warned, tapas is not served here. You can nibble on olives or crisps for 2 euros. 

Prices at Beirut 37

You will be delighted to know that the price of drinks here is always less than 9 euros! You can find some from 5 euros (for example, those without strong alcohol or made with Cava). Most cost 7 euros, which is very reasonable considering the quality!

The other great thing about Beirut 37 is you can order a glass of straight alcohol in a small, medium or large size for between 2.50 and 9 euros.

If you prefer wine or Cava, expect to pay around 3 euros per glass.

Beirut 37 suits a variety of needs and budgets…as long as you drink in moderation, obviously! Cheers! cocktail umbrella

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