Avenue, an unusual place with delicious dishes!

brunch Avenue eggs benedict

Drum roll please… allow us to introduce Avenue! Offering exquisite dishes at irresistible prices!

Avenue’s funky decoration

In a word, madness, but a madness that’s creative, vintage, and most of all fun!

There is a mixture of vintage elements such as an old-fashioned telephone or a scales from the last century, as well as more modern items such as a train that runs around the ceiling, and unexpected objects like an ET doll on a bicycle hanging from the wall.

Brunch Avenue, interior

We can’t say much more without ruining the surprise, but just one more point: it’s well worth a visit to the bathroom, as the decor will not disappoint!;)

Brunch at Avenue – you’ll be spoiled for choice!

It’s brunch time at Avenue, and there is an impressive array of dishes to choose from! I’m sure that (like me) you will end up coming back to try them all!

Avenue doesn’t have a brunch buffet, but here they offer such a wide variety of dishes and drinks (the homemade juices are delicious!) you may find it hard to choose. But we’re sure you’ll make the right decision!

  • The best part? You won’t die of hunger while you’re waiting, as you’ll be served a little basket of breads with jam to tide you over. A nice little touch!

Brunch Avenue, eggs benedict with waffle

Personally, I recommend “La Bomba”, as seen in the photo above. It’s a combination of sweet and savory, with traditional eggs benedict served on a waffle an accompanied by spicy potato wedges. The eggs are cooked to perfection, and the explosion of flavors with the sweet waffle is simply indescribable!

  • These are the best potatoes I have ever tasted and you should at least get them as a side. They are delicious!

I know, it’s not exactly a diet-safe dish, but once a year it couldn’t hurt, right?

  • There is a wide variety of dishes, and some are suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free!
  • As for drinks, they are all delicious but we do recommend the hot drinks. The coffee was exquisite!

El Avenue’s bar

This is a very versatile space, with brunch during the day and a cocktail bar at night. They are clearly keen on originality!

They have a cocktail menu that’s just as long as the food menu, and we recommend the classics like the mojito or margaritas. They are made with great care and you can tell by the taste. They’re delicious!

  • The best part? There are special drinks offers at night, so you can enjoy a great mojito for just €3.50!

El Avenue’s appealing prices

Brunch Avenue, vegetable dish with avocado

Given the quality of the food, and despite the absence of the brunch buffet, the prices are fair and your wallet will hardly notice!

  • Expect to pay between €9 and €13 for a very generous dish.
  • Home made juices (made to order!) start at €3
  • Cocktails start at €3.50 and beers at €2

Useful information

During the week, Avenue is only open in the evening, and at the weekend it’s open all day without interruption.

  • Saturday or Sunday brunch at Avenue is a top tip, but try to get there around 1pm or book a table to be sure of getting a place.

Bon appetit!

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