Brunch & cake: American style brunch every day of the week

benedict eggs Brunch & Cake

Brunch & cake is located on one of our favourite streets in Barcelona’s Eixample area. Tree-lined and airy, Enric Granados street is really worth getting to know.

If you want a change from tapas and Mediterranean cuisine, you might like the delicious dishes at Brunch & cake, served all day.

Brunch & cake: Nordic brightness and light wood

White walls, wood, couches, flowers and mirrors all work together to create a cosy atmosphere at Brunch & cake, so don’t expect a typical Barcelona setting. At Brunch & cake the customers are mostly American, so the language spoken is mostly English.

brunch & cake counter

Here you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch or a snack on a white couch, at a light wood table or on one of the terrace tables set outside.

  • Careful! A 10 % surcharge will be applied if you haven’t asked to be on the terrace. Some small tables and benches are arranged on Enric Granados street.

brunch & cake exterior

Brunch & cake and its appetising menu

Fans of a classic brunch will be very pleased with Brunch & cake’s menu.

Among the great brunch classics: eggs benedict served in two ways, either hot dog style in bread, or (a little unusually) on a waffle. Both excellent choices!

brunch & cake eggs benedict

Egg lovers may find it hard to choose from the range of poached, scrambled and stuffed!

The Brunch & cake menu is varied and appetising, and it’s very hard to choose when you see all the dishes winking at you from neighbouring tables!

drawing of a winking plate

In the end we went for the scrambled eggs with mushrooms with a generous bacon bagel: not the lightest option but very tasty!

bagel and omelette at brunch & cake

… and we can also recommend the mango, chicken and avocado salad: to die for!

mango salad brunch & cake

And between the crêpes, fruit salads and cereals, all served in generous portions, your sweet tooth will also thank you for coming here!

  • We were a little disappointed by the cakes, which were too dense for our tastes. This was our least favourite thing.

brunch & cake cake

Brunch & cake price

There there is no set menu so be careful if your eyes happen to be bigger than your stomach!

  • Expect to pay between 4 and 5 euros for cakes and other sweets
  • At most you will spend between 6 and 10 euros for a savoury dish salads, sandwiches, eggs…
  • A hot drink will cost you around 2 euros
  • For a large glass of fresh orange juice you will pay around 3.50 euros

Brunch & cake, any time of day from Monday to Sunday

Brunch & cake is one of the rare places in Barcelona that offers brunch every day of the week, so if you’re looking to combine two meals and you can’t wait till the weekend then this place is for you!

  • Our advice: Go during the week, preferably from Monday to Thursday or early on Sunday (around 10 or 11am) otherwise you will probably have to queue as it’s not possible to book ahead and the place is very popular with late risers.


  • The great thing about Brunch & cake is the kitchen is open continuously from 9am to 10pm, making it perfect for travellers whose internal clocks are a little chaotic, or who want to try the great food at Brunch & cake other than at brunch time!
  • Another venue has opened up at Barceloneta, one of the city’s seaside areas. Head to “Brunch & Cake by the Sea” at Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 5, every day from 9am to 4:45pm.
  • Little downside: given the popularity of Brunch & cake, it’s not possible to linger at your table at the weekend as you have to make room for more customers. That said, you are warned, as it is written on the menu. And it’s important to share the good things in life…and also to get out and enjoy the rest of Barcelona rather than spending all day in cafés.


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