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Brunch in the park: electronic rhythms and picnics with family and friends

Brunch in the park

Brunch in the park

is an event that combines congenial picnics with the cosmopolitan and eclectic world of electronic music, and we really like this innovative idea!

Brunch in the Park and its specialised line-up

Is electronica your kind of music? Then you’ll love the Brunch in the park  line-up, with internationally renowned DJs invited every week.

The great thing about Brunch in the Park is that it is a mini-festival organised completely around electronic music but also designed for families.


brunch in the park cable cars

There is also a special separate zone for adults with children. It has shaded quiet picnic tables with an amazing view over Barcelona.

Brunch in the park for families with children

Lots of activities are on offer for children, including a playground with bouncy castles and a cookery workshop.

  • Remember to bring socks for any kids using bouncy castles!

Brunch in the Park: a huge outdoor party

Brunch in the park

has a very festive atmosphere as the music can be heard everywhere and people dance outside in the lush flora of one of the city’s most beautiful parks.

Brunch in the park DJ

Brunch in the park: home made picnic or food trucks

For those with a smaller budget you can bring you own food to Brunch in the park.

You can also buy food from the many food trucks around the park.

  • Menu: meat skewers, burgers, pittas or even organic cakes and fruit salads.
  • At the bar you can find juice, soda or alcoholic drinks like beer, wine or cocktails.
  •  You can bring your own drinks in if they are non-alcoholic and in bottles of 500mls or less.


brunch in the park terrace and parasols

Useful information


The payment system is “cashless” (you don’t pay in cash for anything from the stands). Instead you use a special card that you load with whatever amount you want. You can then top it up if you wish, and you can also be reimbursed for what you haven’t spent when you leave.

Dates and times

Brunch in the park

takes place from 1pm to 10pm every Sunday from the 26th of June to 11th of September 2016.

How to get there

  • By funicular from Paral·lel, for the price of a normal transport ticket.
  • By cable car  from Barceloneta (around €10 for a full-price return ticket)
  • By bus: (The 150 going to Parc de Montjuïc, Plaça de la Sardana stop)
  • By car : parking near the Montjuïc castle.

Useful advice

  • Don’t forget to bring sun screen, sunglasses and hats as the sun is very strong in Summer, especially in the high parts of the city.
  • For more information visit the official website by clicking here

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