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Burgers in Barcelona: our top 4 destinations


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Want to know where to find the best burgers in Barcelona? From cheap and cheerful to frankly extraordinary, there's something for everyone in our top four!

Burgers in Barcelona: Goiko

Burgers have undergone something of a renaissance in recent years. The simple, humble sandwich of times gone by has given way to something rather more inventive, succulent, and even luxurious – and of course, Barcelona has its fair share of fabulous burger joints! Here, for your tasting pleasure, are four of our favourites.

Burgers in Barcelona: Foc i Oli, tasty, sophisticated burgers

Foc i Oli is a small and unassuming venue, but just wait until you taste their burgers – so good they’ll give you goosebumps! (Or whatever the beef-based equivalent is… but not cowpox. You don’t want cowpox).The owners are devoted to their craft, manning the bar and grill with dedication, carefully monitoring the quality of their products and service. They’re living proof that fast food doesn’t neessarily mean bad food: the burgers at Foc i Oli are gourmet creations, made with love and imagination, using fresh ingredients.

Burgers in Barcelona: Foc i oli

Foc i Oli: the “special”

We’re having a hard time picking our favourite here, but you won’t go far wrong with the “Especial”!

  • The wholemeal bread is delicious (as are the brioche buns used for the other burgers). The meat is juicy, tasty and smothered in melted cheese, topped off by caramelised onions, an egg and a rasher of crispy bacon.

The range of burgers on offer is fairly traditional, but you still get a flavour explosion with every bite! The sandwiches are perfectly-sized – not too big, not too small – and served with fluffy, crispy chips.

Foc i Oli: how it works

  • Choose from the menu or design your own burger, then wash it all down with an Estrella Galicia beer or a glass of wine.
  • Pull up a stool at the bar, or get your burger to go – although the chef maintains that the culinary experience is better if you eat in!

When? Lunch: Monday – Saturday, 1pm – 4pm; Dinner: Monday – Friday, 7pm – 11pm
? Carrer Aribau, 91 in the Eixample – eat in or take away
How much? 10 – 12 euros
Why? For the balanced flavours

Burgers in Barcelona: Central Hamburguesería, gourmet artisan burgers

This immensely popular, cosmpolitan burger joint is known for its relaxed atmosphere and DIY approach. Make up your own order by ticking boxes on a form, then hand it over at the till.

Burgers in Barcelona: La Central

La Central Hamburguesería: how it works

  • Start by choosing your bread: white or wholemeal. Both options are made in-house each morning and branded with the company logo to prove its authenticity!
  • Next, choose your burger: classic beef, eco beef or Black Angus. We’re fans of the classic 100% beef option. The Black Angus is leaner and has a stronger flavour.

  • The chicken is all free-range, and the veggie burgers are prepared using fresh products with no preservatives.

Burgers at La Central Hamburguesería

Here’s where it gets complicated: there are 14 different types of burger on offer! We’ve tried them all (that’s dedication for you), and we’re pleased to say that they’re all very different. They’re also enormous and tend to go everywhere when you bite into them – but isn’t that part of the burger experience?

  • The “Central” is a great choice for your first artisan super-burger experience: smoky bacon, caramelised onions, breaded brie, purple potato crisps, gherkins and a sun-dried tomato sauce.
  • If you like your burgers to have a touch of sweetness, try the Oriental, with Wakame seaweed, toasted sesame, teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayo.
  • Each burger comes with its own homemade sauce, but you can always choose to add more! The spicy chutney and the chimichurri are both excellent.

  • La Central also offers a weekly special, so even if you’ve tried the other 14 options, there’s always something new available!
  • The chunky chips are best eaten straight away – they don’t travel well. No great hardship, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Good luck finishing your burger!

When? Sunday – Thursday, 12.30pm – midnight; Friday and Saturday, 12.30pm – 1am
? Vía Laietana, 45 – eat in or take away
How much? €9.50 – €11.50
Why? For massive(ly tasty) burgers!

Burguers in Barcelona: Goiko Grill, just what the doctor ordered

Goiko is the brainchild of a doctor, who decided, one fine day, to swap his stethoscope for a chef’s apron. Not your standard career progression – and not your standard burgers, either!

Aita Andoni launched his first burger restaurant in Madrid in 2013, before bringing the concept to two different locations in Barcelona. For Andoni, consistency is key: the last burger off the grill in the evening should be just as good as the first. He also insists on irreproachable service and is devoted to creating a pleasant atmosphere in his restaurants.

Aita Andoni handpicks his employees, creating a “familia Goiko Grill” atmosphere packed with good vibes!

Burgers at Goiko Grill

Burgers in Barcelona: Goiko Grill

The food here combines Venezuelan influences – reflecting the owner’s origins – with Spanish classics:

  • The Aita burger is a perfect example of this fusion cooking, featuring a Basque sheep’s cheese called Idiázabal, little red piquillo peppers and intense truffle oil.
  • The Chipotle is another great option, featuring fresh guacamole and chipotle sauce on artisan bread. One of our favourites!

Each Goiko has its own special burger, dreamt up by the employees (both servers and chefs), then put to a vote. The winner is then featured on the menu!

Goiko grill: how it works

  • You can design your own burger from A to Z, with prices starting at €8.50.
  • Choose from a single (8oz), a double, or even, if you’re really hungry, a triple burger!

The patties are made from fresh, local beef, the sauces are made in-house, and the bread, from a craft bakery nearby, is lightly toasted before being served.

  • Bonus: fantastic potato wedges, prepared with love by an experienced, expert chef. Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside – just perfect!

So, which burger will it be?

When? Monday – Sunday, 1pm – 7pm and 8pm – midnight
? Carrer Aribau, 113 and Passeig de Sant Joan, 58 in the Eixample 
How much? 10 – 12 euros. Sit in or take away
Why? For some seriously OTT burgers!

Burgers in Barcelona: PimPam, simple, budget-friendly burgers

Pim Pam! It’s a fun, friendly sort of name – a bit like the noise a burger makes when you flip it over on the grill. This tiny, pallet-built burger joint is a favourite with conoisseurs – and with anyone who happens to come across it while wandering the side-streets of the Born!

Burgers in Barcelona: Pim Pam

The kitchen is open, so you can see exactly what’s going on while you wait, and is impeccably clean. You can even see all of the ingredients, neatly lined up in a display case.

  • The meat and the bread are prepared fresh every day.
  • The potatoes are peeled by hand and cut into fat, juicy chips, cooked with a touch of vinegar – apparently it helps make them reeeeeeally crispy.

Burgers at PimPam

Some of the burgers are made from a mixture of beef and pork mince, whilst others are 100% beef. We prefer the all-beef version, but if you like a juicier patty with a higher fat content, then the blended option is the one for you.

  • If cheese is your thing, we recommend the Pimpam Tres quesos: 200g (almost half a pound) of beef, topped off with parmesan, feta and gouda.
  • They also do a great veggie burger, with aubergine, courgette, feta and tofu, fried to make it even tastier.

PimPam: how it works

Once you’ve dealt with the “basics”, it’s time to add your toppings – essential for a good burger, in our book! You’ll find all of the classic options here: sliced tomato, raw red onion, gherkins, lettuce leaves and a handful of rocket. 

  • The buns are lightly toasted on the griddle, then spread with a special sauce. After, feel free to add ketchup, mayo or mustard to taste.

PimPam’s burgers are well-balanced creations with a perfect blend of crisp and tender. They’re generously-sized, simple and budget-friendly – and most importantly, delicious! What more could you want?

When? Every day, noon – midnight – eat in or take away
? Calle Sabateret, 4 El Born and Calle Bigai, 1 Bonanova
How much
? 6 – 8 euros
Why? For excellent value for money

There are plenty of other places serving great burgers in Barcelona: try La Santa del Born, Timesburg, Bacoa, Makamaka, Bro Burger or Vespa Burger.

Some members of our team swear by Santa Burg, the paradise for gourmet burger lovers.

Burger “royalists”, take note…

From the selection above, you can probably tell we’re not huge fans of international burger chains. That said, it seems that a lot of our visitors want information on Burger King in Barcelona, and your wish is our command… The three most central branches can be found at:

  1. Burger King La Rambla, 135
  2. Burger King Plaça Urquinaona, 11
  3. Burger King: Aragó, 259

That’s your lot, though. You’re on your own from here 😉

Oh, and one last thing: wherever you go, BURGERS SHOULD NOT BE EATEN WITH CUTLERY. Got that? Good!

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