CosmoCaixa: Barcelona’s interactive and inspiring science museum


Barcelona’s CosmoCaixa science museum aims to awaken the scientific spirit in everyone through a wide range of activities. The museum has had 170,000 visits since it opened in 2004, which is not surprising given how interesting it is!

What to expect in this 30,000 m² science museum

The building that houses the CosmoCaixa science museum is impressive in its own right, as it brings together contemporary design and Art Nouveau styles.

The experimentation room: interactive and rewarding

The -5th floor is divided into a number of small interactive stands dedicated to scientific experiments.

Here you can set off your own sand storm or even create waves, and in addition to these experiments, there are also a number of fascinating models and lots of excellent temporary exhibitions.

  • Explanations are written in Spanish, Catalan and English.

cosmocaixa experience

The CosmoCaixa rainforest: a visit to the heart of the Amazon

Behind a large glass window you will find a 1000m² rainforest reconstruction, including 13 species of tree, 58 species of plant and 36 species of animal.

The humidity is comparable to that of a tropical climate and you can see ants, snakes, piranhas and all sorts of exotic animals. You can also hear birds singing, which makes this feel like a real trip to the Amazon!

cosmocaixa rainforest

Planetarium, Toca Toca, Click and Flash

Under the Planetarium‘s 14 metre dome, you can take a trip through time and space. Thrills absolutely guaranteed!

Toca toca (touch-touch in English), is an experimentation room where you can get close to some very interesting wildlife, including snakes, starfish, and desert mice…You will be accompanied by a specialist guide so there’s no danger!

  • A 5 euro supplement applies for these activities.

cosmocaixa tree of life

2 other spaces also offer fun interactive activities:

  • Click  for children between 3 and 6 years old
  • Flash for 7 to 10 year olds.

Unfortunately I can’t give a review of these ones as I didn’t try them (too old! 😉

Their aim is to stimulate children’s curiosity for science and new technology with activities adapted to their age group.

Cafeteria and shop

The science museum has an extremely pleasant cafeteria, a restaurant, and an outdoor picnic area.

The shop sells a lot of interesting items (chemistry sets, books, toys…). Even if you don’t buy anything it’s worth taking a look around.

CosmoCaixa, a centre adapted for disabled access

Everything is accessible to people with reduced mobility and visual or hearing impairments.

Wheelchairs are available to borrow and specific itineraries are laid out with great audiovisual aids to facilitate a pleasant visit for everyone.

CosmoCaixa: a top tip


  • Great price (€6 at the till, €5,70 if you book online by clicking here), free for under 16s and for Caixa customers.
  • Varied, rewarding and interactive exhibitions
  • Ideal for families with children
  • Adapted for people with disabilities


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