Cuines Santa Caterina: a superb restaurant in one of Barcelona’s markets

Cuines Santa Caterina cover

During one of our strolls around the Old Town, the pretty terrace of the Cuines Santa Caterina, in the shade of the trees on one side of the market square, seemed to be calling our name. The interior of the restaurant and its top-quality cuisine exceeded our expectations, so we thought we’d share our findings with you.

Cuines Santa Caterina: a restaurant in a surprising setting

Cuines Santa Caterina

is located in the mercat Santa Caterina. Nature is all around you: there are potted plants all over the restaurant, and the walls are decorated with herbs.

The establishment consists of a huge dining room with immense wooden tables, great for group meals or for making new friends. There’s a bar down one side, facing the open kitchens, where you can watch the chefs at work. The green surroundings of the Cuines Santa Caterina give a warm feel to the whole setting.

Cuines Santa Caterina: market produce

If it’s quality and proximity to the source of your food you’re looking for, Cuines Santa Caterina is the place for you. The restaurant only uses products from the market itself, which are extremely fresh and very tasty!

The menu is full of surprises, and is presented by category, with types of dishes (vegetarian, mediterranean, world cuisine or grill), then a list of key ingredients (vegetables, rice or pasta, meat, fish, eggs or cheese). It’s easy to find what you want!

Cuines Santa Caterina: squid

The menu is very varied: we had some very tender squid, whilst our neighbours at the next table over had pork chops with chimichurri sauce. Dessert was chocolate and mascarpone sushi all round. Fresh and tasty!

Cuines Santa Caterina dessert

Cuines Santa Caterina: prices

Prices vary between 9 and 35 euros, depending on the type of dish you order. Vegetable and rice-based dishes are obviously less expensive than those including meat and seafood. Dessert will set you back around 6 euros, and a glass of wine costs around 3 euros.

  • The prices are more than reasonable, given the quality of the products on offer, the variety of dishes and the exceptional environment!

Cuines Santa Caterina: useful information

  • The restaurant doesn’t take bookings.
  • It’s busy! If you don’t want to wait, better arrive at opening time (1pm or 8pm)
  • The menu changes regularly, depending on what’s available in the market.
  • Service can be a little slow, and the restaurant can get noisy, given its popularity. If you’re in a hurry or you’re looking for somewhere quiet to eat, better go somewhere else.


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