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Demasié: coffee and sweet treats in the Born

Vitrine de gâteaux, cookies et roulés du café Demasié

The Born quarter of Barcelona is packed with things to see and do, including some great surprises. From little markets to designer boutiques and lively bars, it’s a great place to explore! All that walking can be pretty hard work, though, so why not stop off for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat!

Demasié is an abreviation of “demasiado”, literally “too”- but too what? Some might say too many calories – but we prefer to think that what’s on offer here is just “too” tasty!

This US-style artisan café specialises in cinnamon rolls, offering generous swirls of deliciousness (yes, that is a word) with a whole range of fillings. And that’s not all…

Demasié: a great café in a great location

Demasié café cookies and cinamon rolls

Just yards from the Picasso Museum and the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), and a 5-minute stroll from the Parc de la Ciutadella, Demasié is in the perfect place to refuel after a busy day’s touristing (or to start the day in style, because why wait?)

If the light, bright frontage and the sight of the treats on offer isn’t enough to draw you in, the smell of the coffee wafting through the door should do it!

The café is also a shop, so if you can’t stay, that’s not a problem: choose from a selection of freshly-baked goods, chocolatey morsels, a range of drinks and even… T-shirts with the café on them! Great as gifts or for yourself, they’re hard to resist.

Demasié: rock ‘n’ cinnamon roll

Ok, no rock. Just rolls – but what rolls!

  • Not a fan of cinnamon? Demasié has something for you! There are plenty of other flavours, including Nutella, Oreos, raspberry, apple, cheesecake, matcha, peanut butter and more.
  • There are different treats on offer every day, including a vegan version of the cinnamon roll – so there really is something for everyone.
  • The rolls are served warm, and melt in the mouth. Delicious!
  • Our favourite? The generously-stuffed Nutella and white chocolate roll. A sweet flavour explosion!
  • Demasié has made its reputation as the home of Barcelona’s best cinnamon rolls, and the team is working hard to keep their title!
  • One slight disadvantage is that there are only six chairs in the café, which operates more as a takeaway.

Demasié: more than just rolls

Cookies Demasie

As if the rolls weren’t enough, there are plenty more treats on offer:

  • Try the homemade US-style cakes: Oreo, carrot cake, Red Velvet and more.
  • Cookies: milk chocolate, double chocolate, coconut, all of the above…
  • Cookie pizza. Yes, you read that right! You can’t have too much of a good thing, now, can you? (Ok, they’re meant for sharing, but still…)
  • Last-minute souvenir shopping? How about a T-shirt with the café on it… or a cookie pizza in a proper delivery box for your favourite cookie monster?

The message on the door translates as “exceedingly good cakes”, but we’re far from Mr. Kipling here. Ready to find your Demasié favourite?

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