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Dolé cafè: friendly and authentic


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Looking for an authentic place to eat, a quick and straightforward lunch served by friendly, professional staff? Dolé Cafè is the place for you!

Dolé cafè

Manuel de Falla 16-18
metro: Maria Cristina (L3)
metro: Sarrià (L6)


Mon-Fri 6am-5pm
open during July and August
Sat 6am-1.30pm

How much?

between 5 and 15 euros


for its retro charm


+34 93 204-11-20

A retro hidden gem right in the heart of the Sarrià quarter…

A café with an authentic feel

Dolé cafè has been going strong since 1974. So what’s the magic formula? A long, narrow room, with no tables but two zinc bars, a dozen stools, background music, retro decor and, above all, efficient and friendly servers!

Eating at Dolé cafè

Omelettes, omelettes and more omelettes

The coffee is good, and, what’s more, there are a whole range of omelettes on offer for around 3 euros. The truites, as they’re called in Catalan, can be ordered plain, with potatoes, onions, spinach, courgettes, aubergines or artichokes (my favorite), alongside slices of tomato bread, should you so wish.

Sandwiches with a twist

Dolé Cafè also offers a wide variety of hot and cold sandwiches (entrepans, in Catalan) with a variety of original fillings, almost always made to order, right under your nose.


The star of the show here is the hot “Popeye” sandwich (say “Popey-ay”), with Ibérico ham, melted emmental cheese and spinach. Hungry yet? Me too!

Heads-up for coffee lovers: the coffee here is served with a little square of dark Dolé Cafè chocolate on the side, a delicate finishing touch which you won’t often find in Barcelona.

Good vibes, good service

Most of the regulars here are of the male persuasion. You won’t find many tourists here, but rather locals, students from the French high school on their lunchbreak, or businessmen or women, who prefer to come and chat amongst themselves or with the staff rather than eating on their own.

dolé cafè drawing

Dolé Cafè has a nostalgic, retro feel, which adds to the charm of the place. Time seems to have stood still… Service, on the other hand, is quick and efficient, possibly even excessively so, since you won’t want to leave. The high stools aren’t the most comfortable seats on the planet, but it’s still a great place to be!

The food is good, it’s fresh and there’s a good vibe, what the Spanish call un buen rollo. The friendly and enthusiastic servers, Jordi, Marc and Josep, certainly have a part to play in that….


The time will come when you have to leave, freeing up space for the next customers, many of whom are ready to stand and wait by the bar during rush periods to make sure they get their daily dose of Dolé Cafè magic.

Well, we certainly get that. The ambiance at Dolé Cafè is unique and timeless. We’d be more than happy to follow their example and go right back.

One thing’s for certain: you, like us, will fall for Dolé Cafè’s retro charm!

Useful information

  • If you want a meal, go before 1pm, you’ll have more chance of finding a space…
  • Go on your own or with one or two friends. You don’t want to be shouting down the bar just to try and make conversation.
  • Dolé Cafè is open every day except Sundays and public holidays.

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