Eat Street: Barcelona’s street food festival

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Eat Street is a hip new foodie festival you won't want to miss! Once a month, one of Barcelona's streets is taken over by food trucks to delight and surprise the senses.

Eat Street

Eat Street is Barcelona’s newest foodie festival, created in 2014 to celebrate the wonders of street food. In just three short years, it’s already attracted a cult following.

Eat Street, a foodie festival in the heart of the city

The starting point for Eat Street is to re-define what is meant by “street food”. no more greasy burgers and dodgy kebabs: the focus is on quality, freshness and variety. And it’s fabulous!

Some of the vendors who participate in the festival have restaurants in Barcelona, but bring their operation outside for the occasion, adapting their offer and serving their wares from food trucks, mobile kitchens which are decorated for the occasion.

Eat Street is also a re-invention of the public areas of Barcelona: the trucks park somewhere different each time, in an area decorated with flags and banners. The festival always has an almost fair-like atmosphere.

Eat Street: a food festival with something for everyone

Local and international cuisine

One of the great things about Eat Street is the variety of food on offer. There really is something for everyone! Obviously, you’ll find Catalan and Spanish foods, but also products from other places where street food is an important part of local culture: Vietnam, Japan, China, Venezuela, Mexico and the US, amongst others.

There are plenty of new things to try – mostly savoury, but several food trucks also offer sweet items, including cakes and crepes.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options

If you’re vegetarian or on a gluten-free diet, you won’t feel left out, since many of the stands have something for you. There’s no reason not to make the most of this unusual festival!

Useful information

  • Entry to the festival is obviously free, as it’s held in the street
  • The location of the festival changes each time
  • Allow around €5 for a main dish
  • There’s no ticket system: food is bought directly from the stands
  • Drinks are only available from one dedicated stand
  • Dogs are permitted
  • Eat Street is generally held one weekend per month, but there are no fixed dates, as the organisers are dependent on authorisations from the city.

To keep up with the Eat Street news and find the dates of upcoming festivals, head over to their facebook page.

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