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EcoZentric: a curious and charming eco-hotel


The EcoZentric is a very original 2 star hotel. Located right in the centre of Barcelona it brings together charm and ecology and is also very comfortable due to the warm welcome provided by the staff.

The EcoZentric concept

The aim of the EcoZentric is to create a countryside atmosphere right in the centre of town.

The hotel is located in an old building (over 110 years old) where the floors have been conserved and restored. Everything is ecological and recycled here. Old period doors have been transformed into headboards and a window has even been made into a dining room table. The rest of the furniture was acquired from local artisans.

EcoZentric terrace

All electronic equipment is environmentally friendly, made from ecological materials and designed for low energy consumption.

The immense tableau wall makes a wonderful impact. In order to avoid unnecessary printing, the EcoZentric team have decided to put all necessary information (weather, timetable, upcoming events in Barcelona etc.) on this giant board. Everything is very clear and easy to read, and it’s also very pretty!

EcoZentric hall

For the same reason bookings and billing are done by email only, and you will of course be asked to use the recycling bins provided.

EcoZentric Rooms

The rooms are bright, clean and simply decorated and some of them have a terrace overlooking beautiful gardens. As in the rest of the hotel, everything is ecological: 100% organic cotton sheets, energy efficient lights and no paper.

EcoZentric room

Bathrooms have a rain-effect shower with a regulator to avoid waste, 100% organic cotton shower curtain and energy efficient electrical appliances.

EcoZentric bathroom

Some useful information about the EcoZentric

  • Check-in starts at 3pm and check-out is until 11am at the latest.
  • The Ecozentric has a free luggage room, if you need it.
  • For a single room, prices start at 60 euros. Prices vary depending on the date and the type of room.
  • A complementary drinks service is available all day including water, tea, coffee and snacks.
  • The Ecozentric works with an eco-taxi company, and the team also organises partnerships with restaurants and ecological services around the city,  forming a veritable eco-network in Barcelona.
  • Some of the rooms are suitable for people with reduced mobility.

EcoZentric double room

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