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Barcelona by electric bike: fun, practical and green!

electric bike

Riding an electric bike is just like riding a normal bike, but it’s faster and easier, and well get you across Barcelona in just a few hours. A great way of discovering the city without getting too tired!

Electric bike rental in central Barcelona

We tested a rental service offered by a shop in the heart of Barcelona. The bikes are top-quality, and the shop is the perfect starting point for a whole range of circuits.

The staff will give you a quick lesson on using the bikes – changing gears, checking the battery and working the locks – before letting you out into the big wide world. Full steam ahead!


Pedal your way to freedom

We have to confess that we loved the experience! The speed of the bikes is almost addictive, giving a tremendous feeling of freedom. It’s very, very pleasant indeed to feel your bike is “helping” you, to overtake other cyclists with ease, and even to cycle up hills without even breaking into a sweat.

The ride around Montjuic is particularly pleasant with an electric bike: the long distances and interminable hills will hold no terrors for you, and you’ll be able to make the most of the fresh air and spectacular views over the city.

We rented our bikes for 4 hours, and after 2 1/2 hours cycling through Montjuic, we decided to finish by pedalling along beside the sea. From Maremagnum to the Olympic Port via Port Vell and the passeig marítim takes around thirty minutes, and is well worth the effort.

barcelona electric bike

Hiring an electric bike is an excellent plan for those who are only staying in Barcelona for a short while, making it easy to get around and to explore the city’s streets. You’ll love it!

Over to you…

Renting an electric bike: prices

  • 2h=€12
  • 4h=€20
  • 8h=€26
  • 24h=€32

Tour of the old town by electric bike and Sagrada Familia visit

What if we told you that you can combine a tour of the old town with a visit to the most impressive modernist building in the city?

You will visit the Gothic and Born quarters in a guided tour to discover some very impressive modernist buildings and then head to the most important monument in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia!

  • Includes: electric bike rental, guided tour and Sagrada Familia fast-track tickets 
  • It lasts 3h30 hours and costs €49.50

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