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Jardins Reials de Pedralbes festival: exceptional concerts in elegant surroundings

Pedralbes Festival


plays host to a whole range of festivals throughout the year. One of the most sophisticated options on offer is the Jardins Reials de Pedralbes festival, held in early summer each year.

A music festival in the Jardins Reials de Pedralbes

The festival is held in the magnificent gardens of the Palau Reial de Pedralbes, a stunning setting surrounded with oleanders, pine trees, orange trees and lindens.

The gardens also feature two works by Gaudí: a flower-decked pergola, and the Hercules fountain, re-discovered 100 years after its construction during renovation work on the gardens.

The festival stage is set up just in front of the palace – a spectacular setting which lives up to the beautiful surroundings!

The video below should give you an idea of what to expect from the festival:

Jardins Reials de Pedralbes Festival: 2019 programme

The programme for the Jardins Reials de Pedralbes festival is always fantastic, featuring major international artists.

You can read the list of artists on the official website of the Pedralbes festival

Useful information

  • The 2019 edition runs from 5th June – 15th July.
  • Tickets start at €18, going up to €300 depending on your chosen place.
  • There’s no pit – all places are seated.
  • Visibility from some of the cheaper seats is limited, as there’s a palm tree between the stands and the stage.
  • Under-16s must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • There’s a reserved area for wheelchair users, who may be accompanied by a carer. Call +34 93 363 25 10 to book your seat.

Pedralbes Music Festival: music and relaxation beneath the trees

Seeing one of the concerts which make up the Pedralbes music festival is an entertaining, but relaxing, experience. We were lucky enough to see Milky Chance and George Benson in the gardens of the Palau Reial, and we highly recommend booking tickets, budget permitting, if any of the acts listed for 2019 takes your fancy.

  • To make the most of the pleasant and relaxing setting, we recommend arriving a good hour before the concert starts.
  • Enjoy a stroll around the fabulous gardens of the Palau Reial. Walking down its peaceful, tree-lined avenues, it’s easy to forget that the park’s main entrance is on Avigunda Diagonal, one of Barcelona’s busiest thoroughfares.

Pedralbes Music Festival: drinks before and after the concert

  • Staff are spread around the park to provide any information or assistance you may need. They’re easy to spot thanks to their black and white uniform.
  • The night we went, one of the festival’s sponsors was offering free snacks (empanadas and filled croissants) and drinks – a very nice surprise!


There are other kiosks selling food and drinks, either to take away or to eat at one of the tables in the park.

  • There’s no ticket or bracelet system for refreshments – simply pay for your items in cash.

Pedralbes Music Festival: concerts

The magnificent light show and the position of the stage, right in front of the royal palace, add a dramatic tone to proceedings.

It’s a very civilized affair – no risk of being crushed or stood on! The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed, thanks, in part, to the programme. There are assigned seats, but if you want to get up and dance, so much the better!

  • There’s a palm tree in front of the stands, which adds a particular tropical charm to the location, but also blocks the view from some seats. Something to bear in mind when booking!

Pedralbes music festival

After the concert, a DJ takes to the stage to keep things moving for those who want to stay on in the park.

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